Julie May Bodysuit Shaper Product Review

Friday, February 15, 2019

It's been a while since I last wrote a blog post. 
You've all probably been wondering where I disappeared to. I didn't go far and tried to fill you in on Instagram with the odd photo but yes, I finally gave birth! That dreaded slow labour finally came to a beautiful end last month. I have been in and out of the hospital since but I'll fill you in on that at a later date.

Today I'm here to review the MoonKiss – Embroidery Lace High Cut BodySuit Shaper I was kindly sent to review by Julie May Lingerie. As always I am 100% honest about anything I review on this blog and all my social media sites and would never post that I liked and recommended a product if that wasn't true. So this post contains nothing but my own views and hopefully, it will help you make your decision if you have been looking into purchasing this product yourself.
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I was so excited to get this in the post & even more excited when I started to open it and I saw how gorgeous the packaging was. Isn't it just beautiful! If you click on the product link above you can see the description of the product yourself but I'll go through and highlight a few of my favourite parts anyway. 

I’m not sure there are many women out there who feel remotely ‘sexy’ 2 weeks postpartum, regardless of what they dress themselves in. I felt the exact same way until I slipped into the MoonKiss – Embroidery Lace High Cut BodySuit Shaper. It was the perfect fit and was easy to put on as it has the crotch buckle design and the normal ‘backstrap’ you would typically find on bras. I usually find items like this either too tight to the point I can't even get them on, or the opposite where they are too big and not body hugging enough. It’s incredibly silky soft and not one part of this piece was uncomfortable to wear, no scratchy tags hanging out that needed cutting off or hiding. I felt sexy and glam but I also felt proud of my postpartum body, something you don’t hear from many new mums. It also arrived very quickly and in time for Valentine's day.  

I think the main highlight of this was most definitely the ‘Infared Slim’ technology it has. You can definitely feel it working! I’d never heard of this technology before but on the product description it says it;

Improve the body's blood circulation and boost metabolism
• Adjust body temperature making them comfortable to wear during all seasons.
• No more sweats when firming your curves!

So I guess I'll be wearing it quite a bit then! I'll be interested to see the long term benefits this gives too.

The other thing I enjoyed was also how easy it was to nurse in, though not sold as a nursing bodysuit with the release clasps, I have found it very easy to nurse my newborn in it, just what you need when you are feeding on demand! 

The design of this is very well thought out and I feel that if it can make you feel comfortable and gorgeous postpartum then it will most certainly make you feel it at any time. It's given me so much more body confidence as I've been quite poorly and haven't felt great about my body and appearance since giving birth.

Overall, I am absolutely thrilled with this. It feels incredibly supportive, it’s comfortable without being unbreathable and it made me feel glam when I felt nothing of the kind. I would highly recommend this product, it’s by far my favourite lingerie item. I will 100% be telling all my mummy friends about Julie May! If you head on over to their website by clicking the logo below you can check out the other amazing items they do in the postpartum collection.
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