Welcome to the 3rd Trimester

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Can you believe how quickly this pregnancy is developing? 

Me neither to be fair, I remember having that first scan at 6 weeks and thinking it would be an absolute lifetime before I got to see my baby again. I went for a 3D scan last week, it was actually a rescan because little baba wouldn't move around and gave us nothing but their back. I will do my scan company review in the next few weeks as I have 2 to do now. Baby is doing well, I don't have much fluid this pregnancy which they are keeping an eye on but the baby is head down (though has been since about 16 weeks!) and doing good, so that's reassuring. Heartburn has taken over my absolute life, insomnia is now a concrete factor I have to face daily whilst being pregnant and headaches are making it near or impossible to complete even the simplest of tasks.

Rhun absolutely adores feeling the baby kick and wriggle around, he loves waking up on a morning and coming to say 'good morning' to bump too - it really is the sweetest thing! I have no thoughts about him displaying any kind of jealousy towards baby because he already treats bump like his best friend and shows so much love towards becoming a big brother, it's a position I think he is already extremely proud of becoming. 

I transferred all my notes over to my birthing hospital, so thankful I got the hospital of choice as with Rhun I didn't get much say in the matter as they had just opened a new women's and children's centre so we were told I would deliver there. The staff providing me with my maternity care are so competent and on the ball, you can tell they genuinely want you to feel comfortable and reassured. Given my history of blood clots, they've done a fantastic job keeping a close eye on us. I will start, from this week, having regular growth scans at the hospital to keep an eye on things. Now the bloating has subsided, I don't have much of a bump compared to people the same gestation as me and as Rhun was always on the small side throughout that pregnancy they have decided growth scans are the way to go. 

Obviously, with Rhun arriving 5 weeks early, my blood clot history and other health problems, they have said I will most likely go early again this time. Apparently, chances of having back to back premature births is a common thing, who knew! 

I don't think there's much else to say on this blog post, my skin has improved loads too, my eczema rarely has flare-ups now, bonus! Other than the severe heartburn I'm doing fantastic, I'm excited now! Everything has been purchased for the new arrival, EVERYTHING!

The heartburn is so severe that the only thing I can really eat without it being triggered is chicken salad and yoghurts, not all unhealthy! It does mean I have lost nearly 2 stone since my booking in 6 weeks ago but I'm eating regular and collecting some medication for the heartburn today, hopefully, it will subside soon. I don't miss this part of pregnancy, I had it terrible with Rhun too! Does that mean another boy?
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