Octopus Learning Review

Sunday, November 04, 2018

Can I just say how darn CUTE this personalised box is from the guys over at Octopus Learning?

Rhun was absolutely suited to receive this in the mail. He loves parcels and gets even more excited when he can see his name on them. He was so keen to get into it but sadly I made him wait a while due to me not feeling anything spectacular, bloody pregnancy hormones and sickness literally wrote me off for weeks!

I've been meaning to write this review for a while but with moving house and the pregnancy (and 6 weeks holidays!), I just haven't found the time until now. So huge apologies for the delay!

The package itself fit nicely through our mailbox which was a bonus as we are almost never at home. The boxes are designed for pre-schoolers and as Rhun is 3 this suited him perfectly. He adores learning from home (another reason why I'll be homeschooling) so this was a fantastic new way of getting him learning whilst being hands on (something he also adores!).

 The biggest thing I noticed with this box is that, because they come with instruction cards for the adult to read through and a newsletter too, Rhun patiently waited until I was ready to show and explain what we needed to do. Anyone who knows my child knows how well he DOESN'T sit patiently for ANYTHING. I honestly half expected him to snatch it off me in excitement and shred it all up without knowing what to do. It's very colourful and he instantly wanted to get stuck in.

Okay, so now we got past stage one (teaching preschoolers is hard work!), lets have a look inside the box.

Compared to some of the subscription boxes we've tried in the past it looks like you get a lot more in your box than most. It's packed with engaging activities, stickers, newsletters, activity cards and other bits and peices to help you along your way and Rhun wouldn't wait patiently for me to take the photo above which is why I had to put him in the bath so I could do it in peace!

Each Octopus represents a different learning zone (as Rhun called it!). I've only taken photos of some of the 'hands on' activities as Rhun needed assistance with some of the other activities as he struggles following instructions. It was so nice to spend some time away from our usual counting/numbers books and do some more hands on activities instead.

He found some of the instructions very easy to follow and I think that really helped him understand the whole concept of the box!

Look at the sheer joy on his little face after completing the flowers activity! He was so chuffed with himself he had created something from scratch without help by just using his ears and listening to a few simple instructions. He played with these flowers for days on end and afterwards when he got bored he decided to remake them and sprinkle them with glitter - bonus!

I wish I'd have taken more photos of us doing the other activities but in our case, we just couldn't as I think they took a little more explaining and hands-on help for Rhun.

If you are looking for a subscription box for preschoolers then I would highly recommend the Octopus Learning Boxes. They would be fantastic for a rainy day or even an activity to take down to the caravan or grandparents house. There's plenty to do as well so you could easily split the activities up and do one a week on a Sunday afternoon or something.

They are a different kind of learning, very hands-on and I like and encourage that. Each monthly box has a different theme so the children don't get bored too which I also like. I think it's really helped engage Rhun especially with his listening skills (usually none existent!) and it was great to see him so proud of himself for creating some beautiful crafts along the way.

If you would like to try out the Octopus Learning boxes then head on over to their website and check out what they have to offer. You can also input the code BLOGGERC10 and you'll get 10% off your subscription boxes each month, how cool is that! Thanks to the amazing Tanya for that discount code, I know some of you may find that useful.

(this is not a paid review, all views are my own. I was sent a box to review by the company but it is in no way a biased review.)www.octopuslearning.co.uk

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