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Saturday, November 03, 2018

Moving house is said to be one of the biggest stresses in life. It's not easy at the best of times, let alone with children. I've moved house so many times now I can strategically pack an entire house up in 3 days and not stress about an ounce of it. I guess when you do something so many times it becomes easier as time goes on. We recently moved 100+ miles south of Yorkshire a few weeks ago I think it was a little more stressful this time around as I couldn't help lift as much as what I usually would be able to, what with being pregnant. The other issue was feeling completely disconnected from life (no internet!) and as a result of that my blog hasn't been updated for a long while!

Remember to reward yourself with a glass of wine afterwards!
(This is an old image from exactly 12 months ago when I'd moved!)

Here's a few of my own tips I've found have helped make my moves less stressful over the last 10+ years or so.

Make sure you redirect your mail before anything - this one cause me so much havoc when I first moved as I thought I'd have time to call up all those people who had my previous address (Docs, banks, council, bills etc). Forgetting my landline was cut off and I was on a pay as you go phone it just wasn't an easy task. From that point on, redirecting my mail was my number 1 priority! It doesn't even cost that much but allows you do see what mail you actually get through your door, then change the address with the companies as they come through. Anyone else, isn't important in my eyes. If they don't contact you within that 3/6 month redirection period, chances are they won't. Also, take note - parcels aren't redirected in this! Quite annoying but I found out after lots of investigating.

You can find out more information on mail redirection with Royal Mail HERE

I made it my mission to purchase new boxes for long distance moves as I knew they weren't used and the strength compromised, seams weren't ripped etc. Short distances I'd usually go around collecting the odd boxes from appliance shops or supermarkets but for long distances, I allocated myself a budget purely for new boxes. Hopefully, some of the stress can be relieved for you here because I've linked below some fantastic boxes and bubble wrap I've purchased from Amazon in the past and they haven't failed me yet.


This is a biggie here. It's all good and great if your friend has a van, you then have all the other costs you forgot about though, insurance, fuel etc. You also don't know how difficult it'll be to play Tetris in the back of that van stacking the boxes up in an order where nothing will fall during transit. It's a dangerous game, I found out the hard way! Thought I was saving myself a lot of money, turns out 3 broken mirrors and plates later, I was lucky the TV was unharmed. Doing some research on van/removal companies will be your life saver as they will (most times) pack the van up for you, these guys are your helping hand, they know how to pack that van up so nothing gets damaged.


This is probably my best tip. The sooner you do it the better you'll feel! Plus if you list things on eBay or Facebook Marketplace you will be able to fund other things like Mail redirection or a few boxes etc. It all helps with the cost of moving. I always feel great after a big declutter, it's crazy how much unnecessary rubbish we carry around with ourselves.


This is important, especially if you have children. Keep all your daily essentials in a box/bag of it's own. You'll thank yourself later! Kids comfort blankets, baby wipes, the odd book, your important paperwork, makeup etc. The day of the move (and the day after) you really don't want to be rooting around trying to find those important items!

Here's a few tips from other parent bloggers, hope you can take something from this blog post, I hope it makes your move that little bit easier.

We moved from Devon to Lincolnshire (and back again 😂) a few years ago. Get a really good removal company, consider paying them to pack stuff for you. Visit as much of the local area as possible before you move and look at things like schools, parks, shopping centres etc. We found it easier to just get all the unpacking done in one go rather than trying to spread it out. It meant a couple of absolutely manic days but then it was over with.
 - Kate from myfamilyfever.co.uk

We moved from Scotland to Lancashire 2 years ago. It was slightly easier in that we were moving back to where I grew up so already knew the area. You need to think about jobs first - you won’t be able to get a new mortgage without an income, and it may affect where you want to live so I’d suggest getting that sorted first. Also if you’re buying, have a plan for if you don’t sell and complete on the new property on the same day (especially if you are moving from Scotland to England when it isn’t possible). We ended up living with my parents for 3 weeks!
 - Sarah from tobygoesbananas.co.uk

I moved from Luton to Wales when my eldest was 10 weeks old - to take the load off I got a cleaner in to do the end of tenancy clean meant I could focus on all the other bits that needed doing.
- Lianne from anklebitersadventures.co.uk

I would have a very clear and long list of what needs to be done that i pin up somewhere prominent and tick off as soon as a task is done. Do delegate and accept all the help you can too.
 - Becky from abeautifulspace.co.uk
Remember to get your mail redirected, to ensure you don't miss anything important! Also when you're packing ask around for boxes to save a bit of money than buying expensive ones from removal companies! Have a few different goodie bags of toys for keeping little ones entertained!
- Emma from happyfamilyhub.co.uk

Thanks again to all my wonderful contributors on this blog post, your tips and previous experience are most welcomed! 

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