Campio Glamp - Glamping Bus Review!

Friday, November 09, 2018

We recently had the pleasure of staying at Campio Glamp - Number 34! 

What is Number 34 you ask? What has it got to offer? 

I'll give you the absolute low down of this gorgeous renovated old bus and our whole 'Glamping' experience. 

We were so excited when we were finally booked into this 'Luxury Glamping' bus or as Rhun called it 'The Holiday Bus'. He absolutely loves adventures and couldn't wait to dig out his 'passport' to take with him (thanks Mcdonalds!). He was even more pleased when the conductor at the train station gave him his own 'super train ticket'. We were actually living in Yorkshire when we went on this trip so it was a bus, 3 different trains and a taxi ride to our destination! Obviously it was worth every second, a train-crazy 3-year-old and a few days away for momma! Thankfully it was summer when we went on this trip so the weather was actually quite pleasant for us, we didn't have the rain to contend with. 

Rhun was exceptionally well behaved the whole journey down, I took his tablet and a few activity books with us because I wasn't so sure how well behaved he was going to be with it being a long distance journey with not much to do. Thankfully they worked a treat and it's times like this I remind myself why I even bought him a tablet. 

The journey started with the bus into town so we could walk to the train station at Huddersfield. It wasn't long after that he had a quick nap! Usually, he wouldn't nap but he had been up late the night before because of the excitement. 

Pit stop to Mcdonalds for our train station breakfast was a must (it's the only thing I could persuade Rhun to wake up for!).

I was actually dreading the whole journey down to be honest. I know when Rhun gets bored he will start playing up. Thankfully he was occupied the whole time and not once did I have to remind him of his behaviour. He had his trusty red comfort blanket too so was happy for some chill time on the trains down. 

So, where is it exactly? Here's what the Campio Glamp website says:

This is a rural retreat set on an organic dairy farm that was one of the first in Shropshire and has been running since the 1970s.

It is a great spot to admire the local wildlife undisturbed by intense farming or pesticides! We have a resident woodpecker, and if you keep an eye out, foxes can be seen running across the field at night. As well as this, a colony of bees are kept at Bowercroft to help all the wildlife thrive!

- The bus is actually equipped with a pair of binoculars so you can see this! Fantastic touch, well thought out.

It is a small, friendly village location. There is easy bus access to neighbouring villages and small towns with shops and restaurants.

- Oswestry town centre has lots to offer, it was actually after this visit we realised how amazing Shropshire and the North Wales border actually is that we decided to move from Yorkshire - seriously.

The Number 34 is situated a stone's throw from Llangollen canal which is great for walks or cycling.

- We saw plenty of canal boats on our time away, Rhun thought it was great.

Let's grab a snippet from the Campio Glamp website about where we actually went and I can touch up on the points mentioned.

This is a thoughtfully converted single-decker bus sourced from a local bus company. 

- We love this, Rhun especially loved it as he had seen them driving around the roads on our way over. He thought it was amazing that we could actually have a sleepover on one! I think this is a lovely touch, had it have been a random bus, yes I guess it still would have been nice but the fact the guys at Campio Glamp thought to get a local bus to convert was the icing on the cake, it made the trip that little bit more special.

It sleeps four people with one double bed and a set of full sized bunk beds.

- I couldn't believe this either at first thought! I wondered if it would be cramped, how they would have been able to utilise the space to make it 'livable' because that's what you do isn't it, you temporarily live in them for a few days at a time.

The solid fuel stove will keep you nice and toasty on those chillier nights, and off-grid, battery powered led lights and tilly lamps will give it that homely feel! 

- We lit the stove briefly just because it was there but thankfully for us, the weather was on our side. Though it was such a homely touch and I really didn't expect this sort of detail to be included on a bus along with bunk beds and a double bed! The fairy lights made it everything though for me, I adore fairy lights, they had plenty of them on the bus which we kept on so Rhun wasn't afraid or spooked if he woke up in the middle of the night. They had a lantern at the front of the bus I used a few times to get across to the toilet and that was handy - don't forget you're in the middle of nowhere! 

There is a handmade, bespoke oak kitchen with an old farmhouse belfast sink running cold water where you can put together a romantic evening meal or some snacks for your day’s hike!

- How they did this is beyond me completely. It's a FULLY functioning kitchen!! When you think bus you think narrow and long, they have made excellent use of the space where you have everything you need (including a full size cooker) without compromising on space.

The quaint dining area, looking out over the field, and a comfy distressed vintage sofa make this the perfect place to lounge around, chill out, or use as a base to explore some of the beautiful walks in the area!

- Again, the use of space is fantastic, the leather sofa was a comfy add to this unique bus and even though we barely sat on it, you know it would have made the perfect night in. We took advantage of the nice weather and sat outside at the picnic table with the chairs around the campfire instead.

There is a hot gas powered shower in a private separate block along with a custom built compost toilet all situated in a lush 2-acre field all to yourself!

- I'm glad I got some pictures of this because it is so spacious and not at all a rushed job when they were thinking of installing it. It adds class and comfort to your glamping experience with small touches such as a coat rack and dressing table situated in this block.

Furry friends are welcome if well behaved as there are chickens in the garden of Bowercroft and occasionally cattle in neighbouring fields. The area is stock fenced but not dog proof if they are escape artists!  

- We actually walked up to the farm opposite and Rhun watched a few of the cows eating breakfast which was nice. We didn't take any pets so can't comment on any fences etc.

You can bring extra tents when renting the bus for a small additional cost but unfortunately, there can be no large groups as there are some neighbours.

- This is a fantastic deal if you were to take a few kids with you. Parents get the bus, kids in the tents outside, they would absolutely love it. There's so much space outdoors the kids could easily have a kick about with a football, play frisbee or even hide and seek, or in Rhuns' case, sweeping up! 

There is a firepit and kindling can be foraged in the hedgerows that border the field.

- The idea of foraging for kindling excites me, it adds to the whole experience but without having to walk miles. I guess that's why this is a glamping experience, it's within arms reach but still you get to take part in those kinds of activities.  The firepit was amazing, it really was. We spent a while around it toasting marshmallows and drinking tea, it was bliss.


There is no wifi or mains electricity so it is perfect to get away from it all! But don’t worry too much as the phone signal is generally not too bad.

- I'm on EE and didn't find any problem with my signal at all. In fact, Rhuns tablet struggles with reception sometimes and even that didn't fail us on 4G. 


A large cooler box made from an upcycled fridge is situated by the shower block and ice packs are supplied as requested. All linen, towels and kitchen equipment is provided so you can just turn up and relax.

- The beds were made, towels laid out, everything literally was there ready to use! Fantastic, just what you need after a 4-hour journey. The first thing we did was put the kettle on, in true glamping style - complete with china teacup!

Rhun fell in love with the drivers' hat and drivers' seat. He thought it was fantastic and literally played bus driver for hours on end. The original features of the bus are all still there and I think this is what made it feel like such an adventure, not only for a child but for adults too.

The journey back was miserable. The weather was ok but Rhun was mega tired and upset that we had to go home. He wanted to live on the bus. 

You can completely appreciate all the man hours that have gone into converting this old bus. It is well thought out and caters for all the family. Complete with a selection of board games on one of the old dressers it manages to combine relaxation and family time at the same time. It doesn't slack with space either, included are several old dressers which you can store all your belongings and there's ample space for parking outside too. It was handy there was additional space under the bunk beds for pram or buggy storage should you need it. It has all the kitchen items you would expect from a self-catering experience. Essentials such as washing up liquid, pots and pans and plenty of additional blankets for when the weather gets chilly, what more could you want. It was nice there was a leaflet stand for local places to visit too if you aren't familiar with the area or haven't had time to do much research before your stay. There's also a guestbook housed at the front of the bus near the cab and it was nice to sit and read some of the lovely comments and reviews from others who have stayed there. The Eco-friendly kitchen products and sample sachets of hair shampoo were such a lovely touch, well thought out by the owners there.

We had absolutely no issues with the site at all, zero complaints. It was the perfect glamping experience - even with a child! Thankfully I thought ahead and charged up several of the portable chargers for our phones/tablets.

We had an amazing time here and wouldn't hesitate to visit again for another stay! We stayed for 2 nights and couldn't even grumble at having a bad nights sleep (sometimes when away from home in an unfamiliar bed you don't sleep great) I slept like a baby, weren't cold at all and didn't have to use any of the extra blankets.

It's well out of the way from everyone so privacy was the biggest perk here. That's all you want when you need to relax.

Obviously, I couldn't leave without doing some photography of my own so here are some of the photos I took upon arriving at the bus.

Unfortunately, the site is now closed for winter but re-opens March 1st but having looked at the availability for early 2019 it looks like it is booking up fast already, I can see why!

I've attached the links to their social media pages and website should you wish to check out the bus for yourselves or see what other sites they have to offer.


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