Bedtime Bliss Sleep Mask Review

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

I feel since being pregnant I would do anything for sleep. Heartburn has literally woken me every hour, every night and unsettled me to the point where I just admit defeat and continue my day walking around like an extra from a Halloween movie. The tiredness has been real guys.

I was actually contacted by the lovely guys over at Bedtime Bliss UK a few weeks ago and was asked if I would like to review one of their products. Of course, I said yes!

"Sleep deprivation has a hold on my life, I'll try anything right now!".

Let's just take a look at the product description on the Amazon product link;
  • NEW 2016 PATENTED DESIGN - Our Luxury Sleep Mask is Made Using Organic Bamboo Which is Even Softer than Silk Sleeping Masks - Helping You to Relax and Fall Asleep Quickly without the discomfort of a normal sleep mask
  • SOFT & COMFORTABLE - Lightweight, Contoured (Meaning No Pressure On your Eyes) Enables REM Sleep And Room To Open Your Eyes
  • VERSATILE & DURABLE- Best Eye Mask for Men, Women, Children and Shift Workers - Combines Well with Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Therapy Apparatus
  • RELAX IN DARKNESS- Ideal for Travel, Afternoon Naps or When Your Partner Watches T.V Late At Night Or Likes To Read Next To You In Bed. You will be thrilled with our Blackout Eye Mask
  • QUALITY & SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - 60 Day 'Blissful Sleep' 100% Money Back Guarantee. The earplugs are located inside the carry pouch.

One thing I noticed straight away was how much light it DOESN'T let in. Like at all, it completely blacks out, I haven't actually found another sleep mask that does that. Read below to see how I got on over the space of a week. It states they have a 60 Day 'Blissful Sleep' 100% money back guarantee, I have noticed results after a week of using this mask hence me not waiting 60 days to write a review! The red days were days where I forgot to wear the sleep mask!

Day 1 -
Slept a full 9 hours! (That hasn't happened in a very long time!) felt like a new woman.
Day 2 -
Slept very well again, bedtime was an hour and a half earlier than usual, drifted off quickly, very surprised at that. Usually, have to toss and turn to get comfortable
Day 3 -
Slept like absolute crap. Up 3 times and took me ages to drift off again. Admitted defeat at 4am and woke up to feed myself strong black coffee.
Day 4 -
Slept really well again, forgot to put the mask on last night, remembered today and thanked myself! Didn't even hear Roo jump into bed and snuggle up at the side of me either.
Day 5 -
Crappy nights sleep, woke several times. Now suffering from a migraine from sleep deprivation
Day 6 -
Slept amazing again, was up blogging at 6am full of energy, I have faith in this product
Day 7 -
Slept incredibly well, woke up early, very productive day got lots done, no headaches either, bonus.

On the days I forgot to put the mask on, sleep was effected, massively. I honestly didn't think this product, or this type of product would help me sleep, nor did I have much faith in it, that's me being totally honest. I thought it was just another product on the market. I just thought lack of sleep and disturbed sleep was a part of pregnancy and that it was something I'd just have to deal with. I haven't had an undisturbed night of sleep in a very very long time, way before finding out I was pregnant. Every night I am up, not just a few times a week... every, single, night.

I can happily survive on 4 hours of undisturbed sleep, I've always been the same. I can't however, deal with broken sleep, it's a killer and makes me wake up in the worst moods ever. I don't care if I've slept for 13 hours if it's 13 hours broken sleep and I've been waking every few hours that doesn't make me feel rested at all. I can happily sleep in blocks of 4 hours if undisturbed. This mask has been a total game changer. Yes, I was sent one to review but all views are my own and if it were a pile of poop, I'd still review it! You know my reviews are as honest as they come, just have a read back on some of my cleaning product reviews, I still review products regardless of what I think to them, that's what a review is about. I don't just post about things I like, I post about things I don't necessarily like too. It helps people make a decision before purchasing something and I read and rely on reviews to give me an insight into the product quality before parting with my money.

As this package was shipped by Amazon, it came the day after for me as I am a Prime member. Though the shipping on Amazon is always pretty good. It comes in a sleek little box of its own. You can see the contents of the box below, included were an eyemask pouch - handy if you are travelling away or maybe going on a flight, it also includes the mask itself and some earplugs.

I had success with the mask on its own and haven't used the earplugs at all. The mask itself is lovely and soft and padded. It's also a contoured eye mask meaning it doesn't dig into your eyes and leave you uncomfortable if you roll around in your sleep like me. I've slept on my side whilst wearing this mask, I wriggle like crazy in bed whilst I'm asleep (I blame the baby for that) and this mask doesn't shift at all. It's comfortable with elastic behind the head and velcro for adjusting. It's very pleasant to wear and I've tried eye masks in the past and they are far from comfortable to wear, this isn't like that at all!

You can purchase it by using the link below -

(for those who aren't sure what an Amazon Affiliates link is, Amazon Associates is an affiliate marketing program that allows website owners and bloggers to create links and earn referral fees when customers click through and buy products from It's not a get rich quick scheme but it allows me to earn a small slice of commision to help maintain this website so I am grateful for all those who have used my affiliate links in the past and all those who wish to do so in the future).

£8.90 - That's the price for a good nights sleep! Seriously though, how affordable is that? I half expected the price of this to be way higher than it is, that's another reason why I am happy to encourage others to go out and try it, you aren't breaking the bank whilst doing so. The best part is, they have 4 different colours to choose from! Black, Pink, Red and Purple, the colour I selected is Pink so you can see from the picture above what kind of shade it is.

I would highly recommend this sleep mask to anyone who struggles with getting to sleep or staying asleep. It really has changed my sleeping habits. I would have never even dreamed of going to bed before midnight, this week I've been so keen to dive into bed and it's benefited me massively. I've woken up feeling like I've had a full nights sleep (when I wore the mask) and I've been and felt way more productive. When I don't sleep well, late afternoon I always have to take a nap, I get killer migraines from lack of sleep and end up eating foods high in sugar to compensate. I've noticed a huge difference already and look forward to seeing what it can do for others. I know sleep masks may not work for everyone, same as white noise machines don't work for everyone either but if you want to give this mask a go be reassured it comes from a reputable seller and there's the money back guarantee to consider too.

Anyway, that's enough from me... lights out! 
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