I turned 25!

Monday, October 08, 2018

Ok so this blog post should have been written about 6 weeks ago. I'm slacking a little.
I'm still 25 though so I guess it's relevant. I always get people ask how old I am, so here it is.... the cat is out of the bag!
I had the most amazing birthday, it was a busy week as I was out most of the week with my camera and I have been absolutely flat out since. Spent time with the best people in my life and had the best time. Not much to post on this really, though I finally had somewhere to wear my dress to! Boom!

I guess sometimes life gets in the way, that's ok.
We're only human.

Here's a few selfies, I treated myself to some new makeup too!
 (Guess picture posts are better than words sometimes!).

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