Did I just become an Anti-Vaxxer?

Monday, October 08, 2018

Did I bamboozle! 

As poorly as Rhun was and as much as he reacted this time round to his preschool immunizations I don't think I could ever become an anti-vaxxer. Each to their own on this subject, it seems to have done the rounds lately especially on social media with everyone wanting to give their fifty pence worth with what they think are pros and cons, facts or hearsay but I couldn't ever forgive myself if one of my babies got ill from something which could have been preventable.

He's never reacted to his jabs before but this time round he did, it made him quite poorly and he was put on antibiotics for a week or so. Thankfully he only reacted in one arm not the both. After a few days of high temps, naggy bum was back to his normal self once his antibiotics kicked in. Lots of nuggies from momma helped - obviously. 

 I have it all to come again ... 

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