23 Weeks Pregnancy Update!

Monday, October 08, 2018

A hospital admission for suspected appendicitis, an admission for reduced movements, another blood clot... All is well though! Can you even believe how fast this pregnancy is going? I really wanted to vlog this pregnancy but so much has been going on I just haven't had the time or energy.

It's been a tough few weeks! I've now got a REAL bump to show off, not a bloat bump... though the bloat is in full swing still. This pregnancy has been nothing but bloat I swear. If anyone has any tips on how to reduce bloat (tried water!!!!) then send them my way, please!

Tiredness has been an absolute nightmare lately too. The cravings are in full swing, Maltesers, ice cream, sweets, ANYTHING CONTAINING SUGAR!!!!

 My skin has been flaring up and down but seems to have settled slightly so here's to hoping it doesn't flare back up again!

Week 20 was the week my body decided to start producing milk, I think things became real at that point! I've decided to breastfeed again despite all the endless issues I had last time, I'm somehow not put off. I love a good challenge and if my babies better from it then it pushes me to keep going.

Hair has got so much thicker too, it's great! But at the same time, I've no time to do it, nor any ideas on how to style it these days...let the mum bun or frenchies suffice! 

Not much else to report on really, it's nice to finally start enjoying the pregnancy now the sickness has gone.. Baby has developed a routine for wriggling around too.. wriggly just like big brother used to!

I can still fit in my jeans too if that's an achievement? ? ?  

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