18 Weeks Pregnancy Update!

Thursday, September 06, 2018

It's been a while since I did my last update. I'm starting to feel human now we have entered the second trimester. I can't quite believe how quickly this pregnancy is developing! I went for a gender scan 2 weeks ago so now know what we are having, I'll do a review on the scan at a later date.

I'm currently finding myself backlogged with a bunch of editing from a few events I've done and we managed to get away on two breaks recently so that was lovely too. I'm nearly all recovered but felt I needed a break from editing so thought I'd write this blog instead.

All my symptoms of pregnancy disappeared by 10 weeks completely. I haven't really felt pregnant to be honest. The tiredness has settled right down - oh how im glad! The one thing that has started though, weak bladder! I'm finding myself needing to go to the loo every 10 minutes - no joke on that! I'm not drinking anymore than usual, I just think it's kicked in now that baby may just be sat on my bladder. I never got this with Rhun so found this very annoying to begin with but have gotten used to it now.

I'm seeing the consultant tomorrow due to this pregnancy high risk, my last was also high risk and I went into premature labour, this time around I have those factors and also the history of blood clots so they are keeping a nice close eye on me, yay for a million appointments! 

I haven't gained much weight, I'm craving sugary and spicy foods and I'm still as bloated as hell. I think that's the only thing I'd like to change! I do have a very small bump but most of it is bloat, highly annoying! 

The past few days I have developed braxton hicks too! Crazy I know. I guess you know what to look out for second time round. I felt Rhun kick from 18 weeks but with this little goatling I felt those flutters at about 14 weeks. I forgot how amazing it is to feel your baby for the first time.

I really really really want to write a few posts about the products and things I've already purchased but then the gender will be revealed! 

I'll continue to give you more updates once I've finished all this editing. I've a lot of blogs to write! 

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