Surviving the last of the summer holidays

Friday, August 10, 2018

Here are my 5 favourite tips for surviving the last of the summer holidays. I'm going to be really quick with this post. If you're anything like me you've got a child raring to get out of the house, he's moaning he's bored, you have a million things to do around the house anyway and you really haven't got much time to sit and read blogs, though you wish you had! You're probably bored, fed up, skint and itching for them to all go back to school so you can finally enjoy a cuppa in peace again. Here are a few tips to help you survive those last few weeks of the summer holidays.


It's a fantastic reason to catch up with all those old friends you barely see anymore. The kids would love it and it lightens your load because there's more than you watching over the kids! Arrange play dates for the local park, it's more exciting when you meet up with friends you haven't seen for a while, the kids will enjoy it regardless but it also means they won't get bored so quickly. I know my boy gets bored after about 20minutes at the park but meet up with friends and he can somehow go for hours?


Picnics are really ideal when the weather is nice and you just NEED a reason to escape the house. Turn it into a full day activity and get the kids involved. Get them thinking about what they would like to eat for their picnic, let them write the shopping list, take them shopping for it all too. It will be a big activity and if they have 'planned' it they will most likely enjoy it more as they have been involved from the start. Let them help make the sandwiches and pack it all up and choose a nice location, or take them on a nice walk first? 


You can easily search for these on Google and I know there is so much out there which doesn't cost a penny! For instance, this weekend there's a FREE craft activity session at our local community centre. Local libraries will also hold sessions of something similar. Even if the sessions are only an hour or so long, it's better than nothing AND it costs nothing! 


Nothing beats doing some crafts, either structured play or messy, creative, lets wing it kinda play. There are thousands of crafts you can follow online using materials you can gather around the house. 

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