Pregnancy update - 1- 12 weeks

Monday, August 06, 2018

I thought I'd do this post because I find them incredibly interesting and helpful in those early days or the TWW (2 week wait)... This post may bore some of you but I'm going to put it out there anyway.

Sooooo, a lot of people have been asking, was it planned? Yes it was, me and Ben planned it, just not this quick, at all! In fact, we are still in total shock we fell pregnant instantly. We are incredibly lucky to have done so, it's not always the case for some people, including myself in the past. For years I suffered with irregular periods and went to the doctor so many times and they told me it was down to the Depo injection I'd been having on and off for years. It turns out, I had oligo-ovulation. If ovulation is irregular, but not completely absent, this is called oligo-ovulation. Mine was put down to extreme levels of stress - kinda normal for me! I was told it was highly unlikely I would conceive naturally without the help of fertility drugs inducing ovulation every month. I'm 13 weeks today so feel this 1-12 week update post should be posted now. So here goes... 

Symptoms included:

Breast tenderness, swelling (though this isn't uncommon, what was uncommon was the fact the day I was due on the tenderness didn't disappear)
Nausea from a few days after conception
Vivid dreams (they still happen now, daily)
Incredible Fatigue (By 2pm each day I'm so ready for a 2 hour nap)
Gone off food (Nothing tastes good, nothing really appeals) 
Mood Swings/irritable (I'm sure Ben lied about this one....)
Craving for ice blasts very early on (My first indicator, we both laughed it was a craving before actually finding out)
Bad skin (days after conception my skin and eczema flared up to a point I'd never seen it!)
Bloating (not uncommon after eating gluten products though I hadn't had any)
Felt very blah... (This is exactly how I described it to Ben every single day)
I Just knew (Mothers intuition?)
Asthma (Asthma never bothers me, maybe like once a year? This was daily, short of breath etc)
Positive midday test before missed period (I'm sure this was like 3 days before)
Hot flashes (I honestly couldn't even deal with this, Im so glad it happened before the heatwave!)
Sense of smell heightened (everything smells disgusting! The drains, the toilet, Rhuns breath... you name it!)
Headaches (Never migraines but always enough for me to notice, those awful niggly all day ones)

When I was 4 weeks pregnant my skin cleared right up, it was amazing it's been clear since.

That's pretty much been it to be honest, the sickness settled down at 9 weeks but has come back the last few days so we will keep you updated.

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