Tips For Dealing With Anxiety

Friday, July 27, 2018

Anxiety can range from all different levels, it varies from person to person and can appear worse if not managed effectively. I'm not a doctor by any means (though I wish I was!) so please do seek medical advice if you or someone you know is struggling with anxiety because there is help out there available.

I've had it all, from the sweaty palms, fast breathing, dizziness, cold sweats, feeling as though I'm having a heart attack, it still happens, thankfully a lot what I have learned over the years and the techniques I now use ease a lot of my anxiety off without it becoming so bad someone has to intervene. I have suffered from anxiety which has progressively got worse the older I've become, I have managed to find ways and means of coping though, without medication! Here are my best tips for how I personally deal with my anxiety.

Distraction -
I always try and put my music on, read an article online or clean when I'm starting to feel anxious. I found this helps me not panic as much and my focus is on breathing and another activity rather than panic.

Cool Water - 
My partner Ben recently got me to dip my feet into cool water when I was uncomfortable and anxious, I couldn't cool down, was clammy and had shallow breathing. Within minutes of my feet being in the water, I was so much calmer and my anxiety levels diminished! 

Breathing techniques - 
This was something a lovely friend of mine Julie Gosney taught me years ago in a Reiki session whilst trying to overcome my nerves on public transport. It has been my absolute lifeline, I used this as my main 'go to' whilst in labor and use it for every single panic attack I encounter, seconds or minutes long. Visit her website HERE

Avoid caffeine - 
For me avoiding caffeine sounds scary. It was until I found I did actually benefit from avoiding it whilst feeling anxious. If I wake up anxious I skip that morning coffee, I found if I didn't I'd end up doubly anxious! Not a good mix! 

Humming - 
I have no idea why this helps but this also helps me manage pain massively! I hummed through labor, I hum through panic attacks and I hum through that dreaded toothache we all know and hate! A lot of people laugh when they see me humming through a panic attack or when I feel slightly anxious but it works and keeps my brain thinking about something else other than how anxious I am, or could be! 

Now a lot of people I've spoken to find exercise an effective way of dealing with anxiety - this for me is a big no-no as I panic about my breathing being an asthmatic, which in turn makes me more anxious-making me short of breath quicker. Some people find sleeping also helps, taking a short nap. It's very difficult for me to sleep when I'm anxious, it's the last thing I'd do. I like to keep distracted and busy. 

Obviously, everyone is different and these are my ways of dealing with anxiety. I've seen my doctor about my anxiety for years and although I have been prescribed many medications, I do prefer to try and manage it without medication as they usually come with a tonne of awful side effects. 

I hope these help someone like they have helped me over the years. I thought this might be a useful post so here it is :)

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