Introducing a new baby to the family

Saturday, July 14, 2018

We all know pregnancy comes with its hurdles. Not many will tell you that introducing a new baby to its future siblings can actually be a problem in itself. Some children warm to a new baby straight away, others, not so.

 Those who don't warm to the idea of sharing mummy and daddy with someone else will need to be worked on a little bit more. Slowly but surely wins the race they say. You will have to have some patience and a lot of sympathy when working on them.

Some older toddlers may feel slightly jealous or angry towards the new arrival. Maybe they don't like the idea of having to share toys or share kisses with mummy and daddy. Getting your elder babies and toddlers used to the idea of having a new arrival is obviously key to the start of a happy, stress-free start. Newborns are hard work at the best of times, the last thing we want is for our toddler battles to come between all those expected stresses.

We've compiled our best tips and tricks for all those who are needing a little help in hand in introducing a new baby to the family. Check out what our lovely blogger parents have said below. Be sure to check out their blogs too!

I've got a 2 1/2 year old and 9 week old. We heavily involved my eldest daughter in my pregnancy. She came to all the appointments, she chose clothes, felt baby kicking etc. Anything that got too small for her we told her would be for the baby so she kept putting things to one side saying they were for the baby! Once the baby was here we let my eldest introduce the baby to any visitors. Thankfully there hasn't been any real jealousy
Naomi -

I had Freddie fill some wicker baskets up of things for the baby, wipes, creams, nappies etc and so when Dexter was here he was so proud that it was his job to “get the basket” and get what I needed. Emma -

Buy the older child a “gift” from the baby for being such a great big brother/sister. 
It really diverted attention and made Charlie instantly warm to the girls (he’s easily won over!) 

During feeds, I read with the toddler on the sofa so he's next to me and hopefully doesn't feel too left out
Victoria -

I involve my son as much as possible so he will read to him, help grab things I need and he will often sit and chat with him or sing with him. There hasn't been any jealousy because whenever anyone is making a fuss of the baby we comment on how wonderful a big brother he is and it seems to be working. Sophie -

My daughter was two when I had my second and I involved her as much as possible with the newborn. She also had a doll and she would mimic what I was doing. For example, we gave her some nappies to change her baby! If I was lying with the baby on top of me, she would lie next to me with her baby on top of her! It definitely made her feel included and I don't think she felt left out at all. It made her feel like she had something important to do too. 
Victoria -

Involve them & don't leave them out. You can involve them by asking them to help change a nappy, pick out some clothes for their baby sibling and just get them to help with most things you do with the baby. 

My daughter was two when we had our second child. The best tip I had was when they come to see you in the hospital make sure you're not holding the new baby so they don't think they have been 'replaced'. Have the baby in the cot and have lots of cuddles with your eldest. We had a little present from the baby to our daughter and she was thrilled. When at home, make sure you have one on one time with your eldest and get them involved if they are old enough to help. Sarah -

As well as getting a small gift from the older siblings for the baby that they have chosen themselves I also got a small gift from the new baby for the older sibling, something they really wanted. I also made sure that my family gave my eldest son some attention and cuddles first before they held the new baby, some needed reminding about this but most did it naturally. Terri -

I made sure to include my eldest, even in the small things to do with the baby. When I was breastfeeding a lot at the beginning, I would always make sure my free arm was there for a cuddle with my older one, and we would read a book together. Jade -

On introducing my eldest to my youngest she took one look and ran off. After a few days at home with us all, I guess she thought ah so you are staying then. We'd read books to her about having a baby brother/sister but at 1 didn't vocalise her thoughts.
Helena -

In the run-up to my second daughters birth, I tried to make my eldest as excited as possible and feel as though I needed her help looking after the baby - she loved feeling important. 

I have three & when the younger two were born someone advised me not to be holding the new baby when the older ones met them for the first time, but to have them in the crib or on the bed when you say 'here's your new brother/sister'. That way they see them as a whole new person, not someone who has replaced them. Natalie -

We made sure that the older children understood what was going to happen, I explained that my attention will need to be on the baby a lot more than them but that didn’t mean I loved them less, but I’m grateful that my two older children fell in love with their younger sister and are so protective of her. Sarah -


We hope by reading this blog post it may have given you a few ideas as to what you could do to eliminate any jealousy and/or other problems which may arise from introducing a new baby to the younger members of your family.

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