Cleaning Hack - Easy ways to get rid of fruit flies

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

I've found these to be the most helpful solutions in combating fruit flies in and around the house. Like most of us the heat has brought a few issues, hosepipe bans, god awful tan lines and those lovely fruit flies who swarm in from who knows where in the largest armies you've ever seen. 

- Ensure your rubbish gets emptied daily

I found this to be the biggest help in trying to tackle the endless swarms that I used to find in my kitchen. Don't hang carrier bags on cupboard handles even if you intend on taking the rubbish out a few hours later, it's best to have a closed lid bin and the moment it starts getting full (before it reaches the overflowing stage!) empty it outside into your waste bin. I had a bad habit of leaving carrier bags on cupboard handles and even though there may have only been a soup tin or some plastic packaging the flies would have been all over it in minutes. I had no idea where they would come from but I found to help eradicate the issue, get rid of the rubbish!

- Ensure your dirty dishes aren't sat for too long

Doing the washing up isn't the best of household chores to be doing on a hot day but if it means there are fewer fruit flies lingering around I'm sure we will all jump at the chance to try eliminating that problem. They are after the food remnants on the plates and can smell it a mile off. Ensure you keep on top of the dishes and see if your problem improves.

- Bleach down drains regularly 

My landlord suggested I pour bleach down the drains regularly to keep the flies at bay. It works! I dislike using bleach in the house but I have found this to be 100% at keeping them from coming back up the drains when done every day. Done in conjunction with everything else I only really get 1 or 2 flies in the house, not like the hundreds I used to get daily - they were everywhere! 

- Find the source

Are they coming in from the windows? Coming up from the drains? Are they hanging around damp areas in the house? It's easier to combat the problem when you know exactly where they are coming from. Without knowing where they are coming from you look like you're fighting a losing battle.

- Make a DIY fly trap

Try a homemade trap. Find the source of the problem and mash some banana up in a small disposable tub, cover it with cling film but make sure you have enough holes for the flies to get in. Fruit flies aren't very big so you don't need a huge tub. Make sure you put this near the entry point you think they are coming in from. Check out how quickly they sniff out the sweet banana.

- Ensure all fruit is kept in the fridge

Fruit flies LOVE fruit. They can smell fruit a mile off and I found if I have soft bananas or peaches in the fruit bowl on the side in the kitchen they would be all over it! Apples not so much, satsumas can start causing problems if left for too long too. It's easier to move all your fruit into the fridge so to stop them from lurking around something you'd then eat at a later date. 

I hope you have found some of this information, if not all, helpful. Please be sure to share with your friends and anyone else who is struggling to get rid of those pesky fruit flies that have turned up alongside this heatwave. 

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