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Wednesday, January 04, 2017

The lovely Becci from theunnaturalmother tagged me in this challenge, so here it is. 

 It's a very challenging but rewarding journey is being a parent. It has it's ups, it has it's downs. It has it's tantrums and proud moments. If you're anything like me most of the time you just count down the time until bed time, even if your child has been an absolute gem. Counting down the hours until bedtime is now a daily routine, it keeps me sane. Even if we are having the most adventurous of days, the funniest of days, or the cuddliest of days... it must be a mum thing. 

 Here are my 10 reasons I am rocking the sh*t out of Motherhood

  1. I embrace the smaller things in life since becoming a mum. I find pleasure in the simplest of things. Watching helicopters in the sky with my nearly 2 year old, getting excited because it's bin day and it's 20 minutes where both me and my son find some enjoyment. The list goes on. They only know of the simple life at this age. 

2. I completely wing motherhood. I take each day as it comes but I do give my child a pretty consistent routine as I think that all children need consistency in their lives.

3. I give the best nuggies and kisses. I'm my sons best friend and he's mine.

3. I am bringing my son up to be the best person he can be. I'm raising him on my own, raising him to treat people whatever sex, colour, abilities the same as he would like to be treated. 

5. We have hyper time and it allows me to embrace how childish I really can be. That nearly 2 year old has me doing roly polys and starjumps all over the living room whilst singing 'Let it go' at the top of my voice, in a funny voice, wearing socks on my hands and pants on my head. 

 6. I'm teaching him to only need me when he REALLY needs me. I want him to be as independent as he can be, I know he can be. I'm teaching him to be a tough little cookie. Which he is. He's one of the toughest toddlers I know of. Which also means I don't have him whining and running back to me over the smallest of things, he's a boy now, not a baby. It means I can be reassured that when he is crying, it's because he has reason to cry, he wants momma.


7. Following on from pointer 2, I am going at this my own way and do not listen to outside sources. After all, mums know best. 

8. I absolutely spoil my son. On my terms only. This means he rarely asks and even then when he does ask for something he knows it's a toss up between getting and not getting something. Less tantrums and a happy momma.

9. My life absolutely revolves around my son, I will do anything to make sure he is happy. I'll take him to the funnest of places, do the silliest of things with him and make sure he constantly has a big smile on his face. 

10. I'm raising him to be as healthy as possible so it benefits him in the long run, long walks, lots of running around, consuming minimal chocolate and sugar and learning to enjoy the healthy things in life.

How are you #RockingMotherhood? What would
 your 10 reasons be?

I'm tagging the following bloggers to take up this challenge -

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