My Hopes & Wishes For 2017 - Updated

Sunday, January 08, 2017

The beautiful Kayley from Friendly First Foods tagged me in this post and I had to actually get my thinking cap on... I've only just realised we're now in January! I'm so tired from all the Christmas activities and travelling we've done these past two weeks.

Hope everyone had an amazing year last year, if not, I hope you all learnt some valuable lessons you can take into 2017 with you.

My 5 Family Wishes

- I wish Rhun to continue excelling like he has been doing with all aspects of life, including his eating habits which we have had a few set backs with.

- I wish Rhun also continues to be the happy, loving little boy I use daily as my rock, my reason for doing.

- I wish for good health for me and Rhun this year. Last year wasn't very kind to us.
- I wish all my family, friends and everyone in between has an amazing 2017 filled with nothing but love, happiness and joy.

- I wish for all family to succeed with their goals and ambitions this year too.

My 5 blog wishes

- I wish for my blog to be as successful as it can be 
- I wish for more open doors and great opportunities as a blogger
- I wish that in 2017 I can step away from all other avenues and work and make my blog a full time job
- I wish to get to know and meet many other bloggers this year
- I wish that my work will reflect the type of person I am

My 5 personal wishes

- I wish to develop more as a blogger
- I wish to be a stronger, successful, more consistent person
- I wish to be medication free for 2017
- I wish for finances to no longer be a worry
- I wish for self happiness 

My 5 hopes for 2017

- I hope I can meet many new people this year just as I did last year
- I hope all those struggling, near and far find courage and strength to guide them through hard times
- I hope I can continue to support many charities again this coming year
- I hope for more peace and less arguing
- I hope to inspire someone new this year

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