Dylon Colour Catcher Sheets Review

Sunday, January 01, 2017

This product was invented the year I was born. It's now the first day of 2017 and I'm only just reviewing them.

I never thought I'd be reviewing a product of this kind, ever, basically because I don't actually mind doing separate washes or even hand washing the odd item to prevent colour runs. More recently though throughout December I've found the washing stacking up more and more as we've been away quite a lot. I've literally been dumping anything in the washing machine, regardless of colours! I've been so busy I haven't even cared. Rhun had a new christmas onesie which was red with penguins on it. It literally dyed my light blue jeans pink! I was actually crying, I mean it served me right but I was still massively gutted. From that moment on I decided to start been a bit more careful when it came to my washing, even if I was in a rush. I picked up a packet of Dylon colour catcher sheets from Poundland and decided to give them a go.

 I wasn't expecting a huge amount by conducting this experiment but went ahead anyway. Here's the results when I washed a brand new pair of blue socks of Rhuns with mixed washing. I didn't have any colour runs what so ever, I was so amazed I had to write a blog about how good these sheets are. You can clearly see the evidence in the image below. I now use these on all mixed and colour washes without fail, I swear by these.

They are so easy to use I can't even imagine not using them, also you can pick them up really cheap too. They are the new 'must have' in my house! I'm well aware they've been out forever but as I've only just taken the plunge to trial them they're new to me. 

Here's the instructions, 3 simple steps-

  • Place the sheet(s) at the back of the machine drum before loading the washing.
  • Add your detergent and select the appropriate washing cycle according to the garment manufacturer’s instructions.
  • At the end of the wash remove and dispose of the sheet(s) and dry the clothing as soon as possible.

DYLON Colour Catcher – the No. 1 laundry sheets brand in the UK and ROI* – offers a sheet with extra absorbent fibres for maximum protection and great colour results.
These are its 6 distinctive benefits:
1) Prevents colour run accidents

The main point of these sheets, life savers, colour catches
2) Allows mixed washes

This is an absolute godsend 
3) Protects colour brightness

That's absolutely true, clothes look brand new still 
4) Prevents greying

I've noticed the whites stay whiter on mixed washes
5) Effective at all temperatures

I've successfully used these colour sheets at various temperatures including 30 degree washes and a few 60 degree washes.
6) Prevents residual dirt redepositing

The proof is on the sheet®!


You can buy them below -

They also have quite a few products on their website so i'll be trying a few of those in the near future. 
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