Brand new Vlog Camera for peanuts!

Friday, January 13, 2017

So, upon trawling through our local selling site on facebook a few days ago, this popped up. It was listed at £10 didn't say anything else just had a picture. I messaged the seller asked a few questions and found out he was only 2 minutes away from where I were at the time. I bought it there and then.... for £8 ! I know, I asked if he'd take any less... he agreed without hesitation, said it was collecting dust and that he'd never actually used it, he'd only taken it out of the box. I was amazed, it had no blemishes what so ever, came with it's own Samsung bag, all the leads, cables etc and even a 32gb memory card.

This is the Samsung Flashcam for all interested.

I did some research and a few year ago when they were released they were selling for £250! WOW! 

So, I intend to start using it fairly soon! 

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