The perfect christmas gift...

Friday, December 02, 2016

This is the most amazing gift. I spotted this in Wilko last month with a price tag of £9...

I soon checked the contents of the box and stepped away - as much as temptation was eating away at me the price really put me off. It worked out way cheaper to buy the items individually. Common sense really.


I went back to Wilkos last week and they had them and the price label (which wasn't on special) had changed dramatically. It was now priced at £3.50. After speaking to a member of staff she said it could have been a price error as £3.50 is the actual price is should be on shelves at.

Had to grab one. Imagine getting one of these for christmas (if you like cleaning!)... Or.. it would make a great gift for a student or someone who isn't so keen on the clean, might encourage them to clean a little more often.

                                                     So, below is the contents of the box.

The only item I actually currently use before buying this is the fabric conditioner/softener. I haven't ever used the rest of them but I will be sure to write a review soon.

Go grab a box from your local Wilkos... they will make awesome gifts! 
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