Sundown Adventureland (picture heavy)

Friday, December 16, 2016

It's been a fun filled few days away at Sundown Adventureland! We've had so much fun and Rhun has loved every minute, as we all have. Sundown Adventureland is a theme park for under 10's, perfect for that exploring energy filled toddler we had on board!

So much to see and do and definitely a good value for money, we also saw Santa!

 Luckily we arrived pretty early so Rhun made the most of having the park to himself... 

 We met humpty dumpty and all Rhuns' other favourite nursery rhyme characters.

 Inside the theme park is an Angry birds park, sadly it was a little bit wet but we did have fun on the rides instead! 
 Me & Rhun inside one of the houses

 Off with 'er 'ed

 Fuel food

Me and Rhun at the Angry Birds park ready to cause some chaos he he he

 This is incredible, all the ranches and stores were amazing, so perfectly decorated and in with the theme of the wild west. We all felt as though we were on a movie set. You can explore more of each building and go inside, there are also more activities to do in the buildings. Honestly, there's so much to do you wouldn't believe it! 

  Sharing chocolate brownies

  We also met Santas reindeer! Rhun was amazed! 

 Quick park seflie


It's so toddler friendly is this park, the kids can explore almost anything they see, climb on anything and have fun everywhere they go.

This brought a tear to my eye. Rhun loved Santa last year but has been a little hesitant this year, never crying but always avoiding Santa where he can. He walked straight into the grotto and ran up to Santa, sat on his knee, gave him high fives.. he loved him! It was so lovely to see, it was such a magical experience, one I will never forget. The grotto was absolutely lovely and decorated fantastically. 

Quick hotel seflie with my boy and his cheeky grin

Just another selfie, we have no shame. 

 So much soft play and outdoor play for the kiddies. Rhun cried when we left each house/area as he thought that was it and thought it was the end, pretty hard telling a toddler there are hundreds of similar things to see and do. 

These flying pigs were in Angry birds land and were great! I'm so glad Rhun enjoyed them.

Ahoy there! 

Here's the eggs in Angry birds land too... not sure I liked these so much, momma got dizzy! 

How incredible are these buildings, everything is children height, they were amazing! Everything was on a smaller scale including the buildings. The park was so clean and tidy we  were actually pleasantly surprised for a kids park. 

A tiny child scale village, so cute! Each building has activities inside too! 

Ooops I missed the sign that said 'Under 10's only'

Rhun loved the tractor rides he went on more than once! 

This picture was taken when we went on an adventure on Santas sleigh on our way to the grotto

 Mega slides in one of the indoor soft play centres

This was one of the activities in the garage building. 

Such a magical and incredible festive experience with the whole santa ride and grotto. The park is so big, bigger than we thought it was. We didn't even see half of the stuff it had going on, there's so much to occupy the children and great for kids of Rhuns' age who want to explore and learn at the same time. We could have taken thousands of pictures but we were too busy having fun (adults included!). Sundown definitely brought the child out in me and Tracy!

Huge thank you to Carol and Tracy for taking us away on more adventures, was the most amazing experience and we created some beautiful memories. 
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