Oswestry Christmas Parade

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

We had so much fun on Saturday at our local christmas parade. If you read my previous blog you'll already know that Rhun was invited to be a part of it, we chose 'The Nutcracker' as his part to play.

Although it's pretty difficult finding, winter/warm clothing that's suitable for fancy dress anyway, we managed ok. Rhun had 2 pair of PJ's on underneath his actual costume which was lent to us by his ballet teacher, Michelle, so thank you, life saver!

He enjoyed been a part of the parade so much, you could see it in his face, his eyes lit up when he could see so much going on. It was such a great experience for him at such a young age. Best part is, he was an absolute gem on the lorry. I had him on his backpack reins but he was pretty much free to wander if he wanted, although he did stay seated or on my knee for most of it.

He also thought throwing sweeties at people from the lorry to the street was pretty fun. He was just copying the bigger kids though, he thought that was such a cool game to play.

It was pretty cold that morning, although thankfully not as cold as what was forecast. Phew. I did dress him in thermals and he did have three layers on so didn't really feel the cold, I think it was more the fact that it was just a very long day for him. We arrived at the cattle market to set up/get on the float at 9:30am... the parade didn't start until 11am but we needed to be there ready for the local papers to take photos at 9:50am, and obviously couldn't miss that opportunity.

He was such an angel, he was so well behaved even though at times, it was pretty boring for a toddler, just sat around waiting whilst the adults were head counting etc.

We sooooo want to be a part of it again. Huge thank you to Michelle from Love2Dance where Rhun does his baby ballet, we loved taking part.

Check out some of the pictures below :) sorry they're not better quality, I was trying to keep hold of Rhun and balance at the same time..

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