Oswestry Christmas Live

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Oswestry christmas live is an annual christmas fete in and throughout the centre of town. It starts at 6pm and goes on for a few hours. The only reason we attended yesterday was because Rhun woke up teething. He went to bed at 4 like usual, woke at 5 screaming in pain. After giving him neurofen and a bottle of horlicks I decided to take him out for a walk around town to cheer him up.

Well, it worked! Regardless of weather he wanted to see Father Christmas or not, he loved it!

He was pretty tired but managed to stay awake so we could have a nice wonder around and watch the bigger children on all the fairground rides. Maybe next year he will be big enough to go on some of the rides, I think he will really like that. He was absolutely mesmerised by all the lights and noise, not phased what so ever.

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