How To - Descale your shower head

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Ever had lack of pressure coming through your shower head?
Does it seem to lack like it never used to?
Not as powerful as what it was when you first purchased it?
When was the last time you gave it a good ol' clean?

No, I'm not mad, it's like your washing machine, just because both have water running through pretty regularly doesn't mean to say they don't need cleaning, the opposite in fact. Limescale build up is probably the culprit if you are experiencing anything I listed above. It simply needs a good clean, with nothing less than my favourite product, white vinegar.

It's really easy and you just leave it overnight - so it's not as if you'll even be using it... you'll be fast asleep!

Fill up a jug with a full bottle (yes full bottle!) of white vinegar and take your shower head off the shower hose, simply leave the shower head in the jug of vinegar overnight, that's it!

In the morning give it a little wipe and rinse and you are good to go again! So easy but so effective. But before you pour away all that good to use again vinegar, pour it back in the bottle it came out of, orrrrrr you could pour it in your kettle and descale your kettle whilst you're at it! :)

You can thank me later.

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