Code Christmas Eve....

Thursday, December 22, 2016

The build up to Christmas has literally come and gone so quick this year. I'm not sure if that's because I've been a little unprepared or preoccupied with other things but I can't handle the speed December has passed by at. It only feels like it was August two minutes ago, I can still remember visiting the beach and enjoying taking Rhun out on summer trips. Maybe it's because we've been mega busy with hospital appointments and such so we haven't noticed time passing by.

Anyway, let's crack on with my Christmas Eve routine! Before I had Rhun my routine was way different to what it is now, I barely had any presents under the tree as I had nobody to buy for, Christmas was always very quiet as I didn't do any of that whole 'family' stuff normal people get up to on Christmas day. I pretty much just carried on with my day like normal, the only added difference was a lot more alcohol was consumed! Since having Rhun my festive spirit has been refreshed and I got that christmas sparkle back.

Let's start, we have a pretty normal, but excitable day (he'll sleep better right?) but that soon changes when he's in bed. Luckily he sleeps for 15 hours every night so I have plenty of time and never feel rushed, I usually find myself twiddling my thumbs at 9pm! 

First thing I ALWAYS do is clean the house as soon as he goes to bed, that's MY time. I love cleaning so always spend a few hours when he's in bed cleaning the entire house, mop the floors, do some washing etc. I nearly always have a Yankee on the go. Throughout December I've been burning some of the Christmas fragrances from my Yankee Advent Calendar. Christmas Eve i'll be burning 'Christmas Eve' by Yankee Candle - how could I not? Soon as I have a clean house and a nice aroma floating throughout the rooms I'll then sit down with a cuppa tea!

This is when I have a quick mooch over social media on my phone and relax my legs for ten minutes. The heating will be on, the Christmas tree lights will all be on too. 

Before I even begin to move any presents under the tree I have to wrap the last minute ones I have bought that day - sometimes they are for family we see at New Year but I like to wrap everything before Christmas Day, cause I know if I don't they won't get wrapped! There's only usually a few but it's an important part of my routine on Christmas eve. 

I usually change my bedding and get on some nice fresh sheets as we usually go away after Christmas so it saves me doing it when we come back! After I'll take a shower and get cosy in my festive pj's - it's mandatory.

At this point I'll probably get a snack and open something alcoholic! I mean, it's probably about 7/8pm now so it's still early! I'll whack on my most festive christmas playlist on youtube and start bringing the presents in and arranging them under the tree whilst taking festive instagram shots.

Once all that's done and the house is in pristine order and momma claus has delivered all presents I'll sit down on the laptop for the rest of the evening trawling through pinterest crying about all the festive crafts and DIY's I could have done this year and promise myself I'll try harder next year.... 

Usually stumble to bed half cut around midnight and wait for my little cookie head to wake up in the morning :) 

Pretty much how it rolls in this household. 

What does your Christmas Eve look like? 

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