We took the toddler to Toys R Us!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

We were feeling a little bit brave to say the least. Either that or just completely cray cray
*note.... I've recently learned that cray cray means crazy.. I'm so down with the kids now..*

I think when you take a toddler to a place like this, one of two things can happen. Either said child can throw major tantrums and have several major meltdowns purely from over excitement and stimulation or said child can be the most well behaved child you have ever seen.

Thankfully mine was the latter. I think you realise just how sensible, well mannered and grown up your toddler is when you can take them to a place full of flashing lights, musical toys and more stimulation than a funfair and they behave with impeccable manners and listen to your every word without throwing a complete hissy fit.

Rhun was so well behaved I was actually surprised, not that he's a naughty child. Just he's never really had free roam of a toy shop before and I had no idea how he was going to handle it. I have purposely taken him into toy shops daily to get him used to 'not always getting something', it sure paid off well.

I was so shocked to see just how much he recognises for his age..  all his favourite cartoon characters from TV, all those toys he sees and recognises from the TV adverts..

Pointing out all the bikes, tractors, diggers, balls, babies... It was great just to see how much he has learned recently. We did a run around in the trolley and then let him have a walk around with his reins afterwards... he loved trying out all the cars (pretty sure that was my favourite part as a kid too!).

The reason for coming wasn't to torment the child, haha... no, my nan and grandad asked what Rhun would like for christmas. I thought it was a good way to see exactly what he's into... placed in a toy shop with thousands of toys... what's the most liked toy? The toy that he runs to each time...?

Diggers and tractors are the answers there... Guess what he's getting?

So proud of his behaviour. Makes me such a proud momma. Not one tantrum when we had to leave either. Bonus. 

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