Our Christmas Tree Is Up!

Monday, November 21, 2016

 I usually try and make the christmas period last as long as humanly possible. I love christmas, like sooooo much. My tree always goes up like the second week of November... and yes... it comes down like... mid year... just kidding. It comes down at some point towards the end of January. 

Rhun has been good as gold and hasn't touched the tree, he's such an angel! We now actually have three trees up since I took these pictures, 2 in the living room, so we have a small pink one too and then Rhun has a silver one in his bedroom :) God knows where I'm going to store them after but they were both bargains from charity shops! 

You might also be looking at my new living room decor... yes.. I redecorated.. again! Will do a more up to date post soon :) It sparkles and I LOVE IT! 

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