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Sunday, November 20, 2016

MRI Spine Thoracic : Sagittal T1, T2 and stir. Coronal T1 and T2, Axial T1 and T2 images through the cervicothoracic spine. 

Findings: Alignment is normal
In the cervical spine the discs are normally hydrated for age and there are no protrusions. 
In the thoracic spine there is mild degeneration of the intervertebral discs at T6-T7,  T7-T8, T8-T9, T9-T10. At these levels there is a very minor posterior bulging of the intervertebral disc indenting the thecal sac and giving rise to mild cord indentation. This is greatest on the left at T6-T7. The signal from the cord is normal. At T7-T8 there is slightly greater disc degeneration with minor endplate irregularity and very minor endplate oedema. 

Summary: Mild thoracic disc degeneration with small mid throacic disc protrusions and mild resultant cord flattening.

The quest goes on. The GP (not my usual) who gave me my results back didn't completely read them in a way I understood, so I had to google some of the terms when I came home. Basically she said my back is that of a 65 year old or that of someone who has had an accident... none apply! 

Anyway, this rules out the shoulder pain I have previously blogged about, the results only apply to the back pain I have spoken about - apparently the two are of different matters. Who knew! 

Anyway, I see my GP tomorrow and hoping for a scan on the shoulder as the pain and ache is unbearable, typing this is painful :( and been as the GP who gave my results said the shoulder is caused by either C5/C6 nerve pain... who knows. 

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