I had my MRI scan today!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

 I absolutely fell to pieces when I had my last CT scan. I'm pretty sure it's because of the dye they injected into me, regardless... I weren't a happy bunny that day and I told myself my next scan/xray I would handle it a lot better... (even though on the day they told me if I didn't like the CT scanner I would absolutely struggle with an MRI scanner..)


In a previous post of mine I mentioned about the agony I'd been getting from my back and shoulder... I'd been told by my consultant it wasn't from the Pulmonary Embolism and that it was just muscular and I had been referred for physiotherapy. Well basically, physio did nothing apart from allow me to locate the pain down to the centimetre so my GP ordered an MRI scan of the upper back which I had this morning.

Such a strange experience. So strange I want to re-live it. I'm not even sure I enjoyed it, it was a weird feeling. I had googled beforehand (I know I know....) what actually happens in an MRI scan so I went in with a little more knowledge than some of the strange noises that I heard and what was actually happening with each noise.. I don't think I would have managed to get through it had it not been for the headphones, mirror and radio.

It's such a strange experience I'm struggling to write about it. You don't feel anything (unless you're me...) it's not a painful experience having an MRI scan done. I however, experienced pain as I was laid completely flat - that's a no no for my back and instantly let out pain, I was so focused on the noises in the scanner rather than the pain though as I had to stay extremely still for 45 minutes, though it didn't feel that long thankfully.

I'm not even sure when I get my results back.. I'm hoping soon so my GP can enlighten me in some more detail as to why I'm suffering with this incredible amount of pain. It's not fun.

So yeah, that kinda happened today. 

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