Hold up... Another DVT? Did I reclot?

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The fact that I already self administer a daily treatment dose of anti coagulant says no, however all evidence points towards another DVT in my right calf.

It started about 12 hours ago, agonising pain running through my calf, a warm tender spot, not yet swollen may I add, walking was so painful, especially with a toddler in the pram and a bunch of shopping. It took me almost an hour to do a 10 minute journey. I don't mess around either, I had to stop a lot, the pressure in my calf was starting to get a little too unbearable, even for my tough little body. It was the exact pain I'd experienced right before I was diagnosed with the PE on my lung. 

I knew straight away and pointed the finger to another possible clot. I've missed 3 doses of Clexane in the past 10 days (dangerous I know..).. It wasn't intentional, not at all. I've been in absolute agony with my shoulder and back still and Rhun has been teething.. I seem to be doing nothing but crying on the floor and sleeping! 

I limped through the door and instantly called the doctor, she said although it does sound very likely to be a DVT I'm already on the recommended treatment and nothing more could be done. I guess I gotta ride this one out. Hot showers, how packs on the calf, elevation.. none of it seems to be working. I'm sat here typing this at the moment and the whole of my calf is throbbing so much that my body can't even focus to produce tears anymore. Honest. The pain is indescribable. 

I'm due at hospital tomorrow morning for physio anyway so will be seeing the consultant whilst I'm there, for a possible re-scan to see the situation. Let's see how I get on for the rest of the evening...
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