Ninja Coffee Bar - Review

Saturday, October 01, 2016

I'm sure most of you have heard all about this new little machine in my life, I'm sure you've seen my perfect coffee posts on instagram and such, well today I'm here to give you a nice detailed review of what it actually does and why this is the new love in my life.

First off, this machine arrived by courier and was extremely well packaged, just like you'd expect an electrical appliance to be. I was so excited about this, like, more than anything I've ever received a delivery of. And, I decided to film the unboxing so you could all see exactly what's in the box. Sorry for getting too excited... just couldn't help it. I love coffee what can I say.

Watch the unboxing video HERE


  • The Ninja Coffee Bar with Auto-IQ Technology
  • Glass Designer Carafe and Intelligent Warming Plate
  • Smooth Brew Technology with Pre-Infusion
  • Ninja Micro Frother for Hot & Cold Milk
  • Fine Quality Mesh Permanent Filter
  • 2 Tritan Thermal Insulated Cups
  • Hot, Cold, Bold Inspiration Recipe Guide
It probably does (I mean it does...) seem daunting to someone who has only ever used the pod coffee machines, so obviously using a machine like this needs some practising with. I love the design of it, it looks sleek, the dials are very well labelled and the instruction manual that comes with the machine is very well written.

After trying out and making a standard cappuccino a few times, I soon got the hang of the measurements and found it easy to make without having to refer back to the instruction manual.

It literally takes about 8 minutes or so to make a full carafe for all my guests - this saves me so much time and effort making individual coffees for everyone. Perfect for coffee mornings! Literally use the scoop provided, put desired coffee amount in the compartment, fill the water to the marker which says full carafe, and at the press of a button you have your coffee. I forgot how good fresh coffee smells. I love the heat plate too and the stay warm option.

I love how all the parts are very easy to clean, even for me - someone that doesn't have a dishwasher. I've not found any of the part to start smelling, it's just super quick and easy to deal with. Unlike my other coffee machine, the Ninja Coffee Bar always looks clean, even when in use, thanks to the drip stop switch which handles excess dripping when you don't need nor want it.

 They could have gone and designed a machine that took brains to use, but they didn't. It's so quick and easy to use, it's so effortless. I love the design of the mugs that come with it, they seem to keep drinks warmer than an average mug aren't hot to the touch - perfect! It would have been nice to have a travel mug included as I have yet to try that option as I haven't got a travel mug.

I have only used the permanent filter but so far, not found any coffee residue that was unwanted, hence me not using the paper filters which were also provided. The milk frother is easy to use too. and I love that I can get my cappucinos with ultimate froth!

Check out the video below, this was the first time I'd used the machine.

Watch a super quick demo HERE

The machine is extremely quiet compared to other coffee machines I have used in the past. It has a little beep so you know when your coffee is ready - I love this!

I've done nothing but invite everyone over for 'posh coffee'. I love this machine, it's completely changed the way I drink coffee. Even better that I can produce great coffee to everyone's taste too, some like it strong, some not so, some like frothy coffee, some like black... It's so easy to use and only took me a few days to get to grips with it. I couldn't imagine it not in my kitchen anymore!

I can't wait to try some new recipes now that autumn is here.

There's nothing I dislike about this machine what so ever. It's easy to use, quick and makes coffee to everyone's tastebuds.
It's a 5* review from my point of view.

I will be filming some more videos using the Ninja Coffee Bar with some of the awesome recipes which are included in the book. 

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