Flash Magic Eraser Extra Power Comparison & Review

Saturday, October 08, 2016

To keep it short and sweet, this works no better nor worse than the original Flash magic eraser. Claiming it has 'extra power' is a load of poop. It's a great product (like the original) they are fantastic for using on most surfaces... although I do prefer the cheaper alternative from Poundland (2 sponges for £1). This item rips/tears quite easy though so on some surfaces you end up with bitty sponge left over.

I mean, they are good, they get rid of stubborn marks without having to use any additional cleaning products but this 'extra power' eraser they have brought out works no different to the original they already had on the shelves. There's no difference what so ever. I'd have even been happy with a colour difference... noooope.

I'm actually baffled. 

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