Car Boot Goodies...

Sunday, October 02, 2016

A few awesome goodies collected doing the rounds this morning.

Rhun has a very large (and growing) duck collection... managed to get these two for 50p each. The orange one was in the box.. but Rhun didn't like it in the box!

Some more awesome bargains.... the below are all BRAND NEW... I got them all for 10p each. I think the reason for this is a lot of them are dated... and obviously software changes constantly, some of these CD's are years old, just never used. Got some cool stuff.

Me and Rhun love our Peppa Pig puzzles.. I really enjoy doing them with him. He's built up a nice collection of them now and we got this one for £2 today which I thought was very reasonable for 9 puzzles :)

 And some more Peppa Pig DVD's for 50p each :) 

Not a bad morning...

total spend....


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