Xpedior Travel System - Review

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Today I'm going to review the xpedior travel system by mothercare... let's take a few seconds to see what mothercare wrote on the product description on their website, that way you can get a brief feel of the pram before i go into detail of what i like and dislike about it. I'll go into the details written underneath each point.

At A Glance

This Special Edition of our Xpedior pram and pushchair travel system is a show stopper. With all the features of the Xpedior, this Special Edition boasts even more style and beauty thanks to its unique champagne coloured chassis, tan leatherette handles and khaki quilted cosytoe.

features and benefits for mothercare xpedior pram and pushchair travel system - khaki special edition

  • Suitable from birth to a max. child of weight 15kg
    This is great as 15kg is about 2 and a half stone, so a comfortable toddler weight. Which means there's no need to buy a seperate toddler pram due to weight restrictions.
  • Complete pram and pushchair travel system
    Again, this is ideal if you purchase the pram for a newborn (or child in stage 0 car seat). Rhun has outgrown a newborn car seat but it's an ideal selling point if you were to buy from new as you know everything fits together perfectly. 
  • Easily adjustable handles
    I love this feature, this is great if you have someone else pushing the pram/sharing that pushing load! It's great for small people like me, but also great for the likes of my grandad who is pretty tall as the handle adjusts really really easily. 
  • Large pneumatic tyres which are perfect for the outdoors and rough terrain
    I agree with it being great for rough terrain, this is so easy to push over grass/fields etc and the tyres don't get stuck or struggle with the lumps and bumps. It's a great all-rounder. 
  • Double front wheel for extra stability compared to other 3 wheelers
    My Quinny buzz 3 was a lot more stable where the 3 wheels are concerned. The issue I have is it does seem to get stuck when going down curbs, how bloody annoying! It's like it either locks or just doesn't swivel as easy like the quinny front wheel. This has been pretty frustrating but we got round it by lifting the pram and pushing. Still annoying none the less.
  • Tyre pump included
    Not used it yet but I assume it will come in handy.
  • Seat unit converts to pram mode
    I like this, obviously this is handy as it converts back to the carry cot style with ease. I used this for the first time today, not the pram mode, I shifted it FROM pram mode to carry cot mode. Rhun doesn't nap anymore but as he's not been well today he fell asleep in the pram and stayed asleep pretty comfortably. He seemed to like it.
  • Removable bumper bar
    I prefer the bumper bar on but it's nice you have the option to remove it fully. 
  • Compact fold when seat is removed
    It is very compact when folded, that's what I like about it, I prefer this style of folding to the typical umbrella fold prams as they fit better behind the seats in the cars.
  • Complete with padded cosytoe that zips apart to form a seat liner, pram apron and liner, chest pads and Mothercare Weathershield
    We haven't used these yet, but as the weather is getting colder we will be using them soon. They are nicely matched to the pram and the insides are incredibly cosy and soft, by far the nicest cosy toes/pram liner we have had.
  • Includes a rearward facing infant car seat to form a travel system
    Like mentioned above, we can't comment on this as Rhun is out of this stage car seat. 
  • Car seat suitable from birth to a max. weight of 13kg/29lbs (approx 12/15 months)
    See above.
  • Car seat installs using car's seat belt
  • Pushchair folded dimensions: W58xD46xH73cm
    Folds down similar size to other prams.
  • Pushchair weight: 9kg
    It's a nice lightweight pram compared to those you can get which feel heavy and stodgy to push. Because it's nice and lightweight it makes pushing it with a heavy toddler a breeze. 
Care Instructions: Wipe Clean Only

what's in the box:

  • 1 x 3 wheel pushchair chassis
  • 1 x flexible pramette/seat unit
  • 1 x infant car seat
  • 1 x cosytoe
  • 1 x pram apron and liner
  • 1 x Mothercare Weathershield®
  • 2 x Chest pads

    I absolutely love the fact that the shopping basket is so generous, compared to my other 5 prams I've had, this is the biggest yet. I love it. It makes up for not having individual handles I usually use for the shopping.

    Another point I'd like to make is the love I have for been able to have my son front or rear facing. This pram is so much like my quinny buzz 3 I had up until a few months ago. It's nice and lightweight, compact enough when travelling and I have fallen in love with the colour of it. It's the same colour as the images below. The difference between this and the Quinny is that the quinny is a lot easier to push/steer/control. I've had trouble steering this pram with one hand, my quinny was an absolute breeze to push with one hand, I loved that element about it. It's a shame this isn't like that on the steering aspect. It's about the only thing I dislike about it (other than the front wheel sometimes getting stuck..).

    Come to think of it, there was another downfall, after a few runs out round town I noticed that when going down a curb (even a low curb) Rhun would bang his head on the side of the pram as it was pretty bouncy. I don't think this would happen to the smaller children but as a toddler his head is right next to the clip for the hood which he has knocked a few times. Sorry kid...

    I still love it though, as soon as I saw it I fell in love. I wish I'd have made the purchase sooner, maybe then I wouldn't have gone through so many other unsuitable prams and pushchairs.

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