Why you should never take a toddler camping.... EVER.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Just kidding... it was a barrel of laughs really. Honest.

Rhun was good as gold the whole time, he loved it. 

PINK bales... have you seen any yet? It's all about awareness of breast cancer...

Quick selfie, I mean, why the hell not. Probably not my best selfie to date but I'll share it anyway.

Hi Roo bear! Wearing his hat backwards because... that's how toddlers do things... or so I'm told.

A random windy shot from the car... thought I'd include it... a little bit irrelevant but oh well.

Someone had a pass to metal detect on the beach... Guess what treasure he found?

£1.25 which consisted of a rotten manky pound coin... and some loose change.. think he found a ringpull too... way to go chief!

Forced him to have a selfie... he wasn't happy he wanted to run away instead but I was persistent... that's what parenting is about isn't it?

Told him we would go back to the arcade if he smiled for me.... result.. it worked. At a cost of another £10 on the fucking manky rusty two pence machines.


Tucked up in the tent... glamping at it's best.
We even took his new light up Peppa... so spoilt this child of mine.

Now there's a sight for sore eyes.. or sore heads....?!?

Prosecco out of a plastic camping cup, can't even compete with the level of classiness here ladies. And another cheesy grin to top it off.

Priorities once the child was asleep... Because we were right on the cliff top, the wind blowing across the Irish Sea was deadly... deadly for the bottle anyway... found some rocks to hold it up.

That's what I love about camping.. you can improvise.
On a drunken mooch to the toilets I came across this lizard.. how cool!!! I've never seen one out of a pet shop...

You know when you just sit and look around the camp site at all the other families and watch them... you begin to notice actually.. I'm bloody glad I only have the one child.. and I'm glad he's extremely well behaved and goes to bed when asked... I'm glad he wasn't like some of the spoilt little brats I saw whilst we were there.

"Clarissa give me my torch back.. Clarissa give it back or I'll fart in your sleeping bag..."

"Muuuuummmmm Samuel hit me with a stick..."

"Joseph, please put your shoes on. Joseph I am not going to ask you again... (Whilst proceeding to ask another 41 fucking times in her loudest but 'poshest' voice..)...."

You start placing yourself in a category for camping after watching everyone else... 

The ultimate newbie... those who are so overly excited, they walk around with maps pointing at everything on the campsites whilst struggling to assemble a 2 man pop up tent.

We fit in between these two... not gonna lie. We're not complete dicks... we assembled the tent ok.. but we weren't quite at the shell picking stage... 

The once a year couple campers... those who get up at 5 o'clock on a morning, go fly a kite down on the beach whilst picking up shells for their newly decorated beach themed bathroom.

The upper class trying to go green for summer... the ones who sit around a perfectly lit campfire (because they were fortunate enough to go to scouts) drinking champagne out of plastic flutes whilst toasting perfect marshmallows and singing weird arse fucking songs they made up in the car on the way there.

And then...

There's the ones that pretty much live on site... the ones who know what seagull shits where on a daily basis... those are the ones to run to in a fire-tent crisis, they're the ones who will have access to a fire extinguisher and emergency supplies. Make friends with them. They may just save yo ass!

I love it really.. so much so when I got him I inflated the airbed up in the living room and tried to prolong my camping experience. 

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