Smoothies for lazy people...

Monday, September 26, 2016

Like me. I'm very much lazy this week. 

I spotted this pack of frozen smoothie portions today in Iceland. I don't shop in Iceland but went in with Rosie this morning and she pointed them out to me. Such good timing as I had a special delivery for the NutriNinja blender last week which I hadn't gotten round to using yet. I wanted something quick, effortless and tasty, not because I'm lazy all the time, just this week as I've not been well. Thought a smoothie or two would be a great way of getting those good 'ol nutrients in my system whilst I'm on the mend. They are £2 a pack and you get four portions in that so it works out at 50p a portion, all you need is either, water, yoghurt or fruit juice. I got some orange juice and ice and it was so tasty! It filled me up all evening, I usually find myself picking at junk food on a night but haven't felt the need. It's been 9 hours since I had it and I haven't eaten anything since... Not a bad job! I'll be having one for breakfast to see how long it actually fills me up for.

Another reason I like the frozen over fresh is because I am not under timed pressure to use up fresh fruit/veg before it goes off in the fridge. I think my smoothies will mostly be made of frozen goodies as it sits better with my lifestyle.

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