Shark Powered Lift Away (NV680UK) Review

Monday, September 05, 2016

Here's the description from The Shark website:

The Shark® Powered Lift Away™ NV680UK has been officially accredited by the Good Housekeeping Institute and we think it's pretty good too.

Featuring the patented Shark Powered Lift-Away.  This means the pod can be detatched but the brush in the head continues to rotate, so now you can reach right under the trickiest furniture for carpet cleaning in Lift-Away™  mode where traditional uprights may struggle.

Featuring anti-allergen complete seal technology that captures and holds over 99.9% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum not back into the air you breathe.  And, it's certified by the British Allergy Foundation.

Plus, the Shark NV680UK includes the Shark Dust-Away attachment which picks up large debris and fine dust in one easy step.

Shark® Brilliant 

Key Features
  • Powered motorised brush roll even in Lift-Away mode 
    This is such a fantastic feature, clean the house with ease, I've never felt so comfortable vacuuming before! It makes the machine seem so light and it's brought the pile up on my already high pile carpet, even better! 
  • Shark Lift-Away technology, lightweight detachable pod
    After using the Lift-Away pod whilst vacuuming on the stairs I found it incredibly simple to use but such a handy way of using the device. I couldn't imagine lugging around the whole of the machine now I've tried it in Lift-Away mode.

  • Anti-allergen complete seal technology:captures and holds over 99.9%* of dust and allergens inside the vacuum
    Thank you for thinking about me Shark! My allergies are bad at the best of times so having this feature that 'captures' the dust and allergens is fantastic.

  • No loss of suction*
    I haven't stopped using this device since I got it on the 17th August 2016, I haven't had loss of suction, not like I did with my previous Dyson which used to struggle after a while. 

  • Includes Exclusive Dust Away attachment for hard floor cleaning
    Again, this is great and doesn't scratch the hard floors, instead it buffs them clean - dust free
  • LED lights to help you spot concealed dust lurking under your furniture
    This is the life changer. I actually cannot even express my love for these 'headlights'. My favourite feature so far. The floor in my kitchen seemed pretty clean with the lights on, I turned the lights off and started to vacuum, it's amazing how much dust and dirt you can see on the floors! I can't imagine vacuuming without my headlights now! 

  • Advanced swivel steering allowing you to manoeuvre in, around and under furniture in your home with ease and control
    Another fantastic feature, I love this so much! It means I no longer have to vacuum in straight lines, it's great for going under the furniture too without having to change all the tools around because the head of the vacuum is quite flat and not bulky so it fits under sofas with ease. 

  • One touch finger tip control, so you can move easily between carpet and hard floor cleaning modes with just a flick of a switch
    This is amazing, honest. It saves you bending down and twisting the dial which you usually have on the bottom of the vacuums. I didn't see much point in this button when I first saw it, now I love it. Means you can get the housework done quicker because you aren't constantly up and down changing the settings from hard floor to carpet. 

  • On board accessory storage
    This is great too saves you losing all the accesories, although it would be good if there were space for the pet hair tool too. Currently only room for two of the tools.

  • Ergonomic designed handle with rubberised grip for more control
    It's a very comfortable handle to vacuum with. It's got the grip and dials in the right places.

  • No touch dustcup for quick and hygienic emptying of the dustcup with no direct contact
    One of the easiest and hassle free vacuums I've ever had the pleasure of emptying! 1 button and it's empty, it's fantastic! No more dusty fingers and banging on the edge of the bin.

    The only thing I'm not a huge fan of on this vacuum is the hose pipe clip, I think it could be a better design as the pipe seems to slip off quite a bit, It's not a huge deal but it bugs me a bit. The hose on this vacuum is one of the longest i've seen and already I've fallen so in love with this device I couldn't imagine cleaning without it. I've filmed a few videos on this vacuum I'm yet to upload, but when I do, you can see how incredible this little nifty machine really is.

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