Rhuns eating update - 18 months old & learning to eat meat!

Sunday, September 04, 2016

I'm sure there are hundreds... No wait... Thousands... Millions of parents in the same boat as me right now when I shamefully admit that my 1 year old is a fussy eater.
I didn't make him like that. He chose that route himself. His mind chose that route. His mind seems to tell him what he can and can't have. He can eat shoes, books, cushions and wallpaper quite happily... But stick a meal in front of him and his mind won't allow him to eat it - probably giving him warning signals because Momma has cooked it and nobody should EVER eat Momma's food.

I mean, he's not the worst kid in the world where eating is concerned.. I've seen worse and I'm going to admit it whilst I'm here... I've often seen these children eating 'crap'... Crisps, chocolate, chicken nuggets day in day out.. Food that wouldn't be served as a 'meal' and thought to myself 'how can a child be a fussy eater at such a young age, surely it's how the parents have brought them up and the way they allow these children to pick and choose what they'd like to eat rather than getting told they're having 'XY&Z' for dinner.'

I've since realised and proved myself wrong.... in this case, Rhun is in charge as he has a fear of textures and food... it's not great when you'd like to wean!!!

 He is currently seeing specialists about his eating habits.. If you haven't seen our previous posts about Rhun and his difficulties eating then be sure to check them out. Rhun was premature and in the last 18 months we have faced so many hurdles and struggles where his eating and drinking is concerned. We are proud though, that he is getting there, slowly but surely.

The biggest issue here is making sure we don't offer him food he cannot handle, food he will struggle with and ultimately choke on as he cannot handle it, as this is what will put him off eating full stop, or put him off trying new foods - trust me, it's a vicious circle!

For the past few months Rhun has chosen a diet for himself.. even though I've been persistent in offering new foods.. he will refuse these foods and pretty much starve himself unless I've fed him a diet of; peas, beans, egg, wotsits and broccoli. It's been hard work all right! Try change a diet around with those 5 items.... It's tedious! We've done it though, and because he trusts me, and knows I won't force him to eat foods he doesn't like/want, he has grown to try new foods slowly. I'm actually so proud of him whilst I'm writing this I could burst with pride. His specialist predicted he would be 2 or 3 by the time he is eating a basic diet... She originally said (when he was 7 months old) that he would be 1 by the time he would be eating a basic diet, that changed when he weren't progressing as much as she thought but we have still proved her wrong.

Rhun still struggles with the whole concept of chewing, I thought he would have improved by now but it seems to be a long road on this route. 

Since saving this blog post as a draft and revisiting it almost 4 weeks later, Rhun has now progressed and is now eating hot dog sausages! Honestly, my eyes can't believe it. He's just been re-referred for appointments with his dietitian and speech and language therapist. He is also now out of a high chair and now in a toddlers chair for meal times. We have recently introduced forks for 'stabbing' the food... I mean.. he hates it doesn't he... he should enjoy stabbing it. Who knows... I don't think I'll ever know..  I just hope he continues to improve, even if that means doing so slowly. I'm so proud of him right now I could literally burst. Hopefully we will be able to move onto chewier sausages once he gets the hang of chewing a little more. 

He doesn't have a very adventurous diet, but he will try new foods now and then but we are eating a nice range of fruit and vegetables now and we have widened our horizons. We are also now drinking out of normal cups at breakfast time with a straw!

Our next hurdle is big boys milk, Rhun actually has an intolerance to cows milk, which we have recently found out so we are, (this week) are going to try goats milk for the first time and hope he agrees with it. As he isn't on a great meal regime at the moment compared to other children his age who are eating 3 meals a day plus snacks... Rhun currently eats 1 full meal a day plus fruit snacks.. we are still feeding him his formula once a day (on an evening) so he still gets the vitamins and nutrients he needs. 

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