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Sunday, September 04, 2016

Oswestry unearthed is a collective of history enthusiasts ranging from metal detectorists, field walkers and people passionate about our local history.
Have you ever wondered what lays beneath the earth that we walk over each day? The same tracks we walk our dogs on each morning? Whether it be playing sports, the commute to work, travelling to school or just walking the dog – the Ground we walk over has seen thousands of years of activity.

Oswestry Unearthed have an exhibition on at Oswestry Library until the 17th of this month (Sept) Check it out...

 If you are interested in local history and want to find people with the same interests, don't hesitate to 'Like' the Oswestry Unearthed Facebook Page. Here's a few items that may grab your attention....

Phoenix Oil Mill Company Lead Bag Seal: Found Near Maesbury.
A small but interesting find... 
This little lead seal would have been transported from Liverpool (more than likely via the canal network) in the late 1890's.
With a bit of research online we were able to find an advertising poster from the same mill, and this seal would have kept the contents of one of the products listed safe from spillage!

The Phoenix Company, Ltd. Incorporated was started in 1887 and wound up 1891.
These seals relate to the Phoenix Oil Mill Company Ltd of 3 Rumford Street, Liverpool. The firm manufactured various animal feed cakes and meals. They imported and dealt in other feeds and fertilisers. See the following for an advert produced by the company in 1896 which incorporates the same Phoenix logo with PURE

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