Lenor Unstoppables (Fresh) Review

Friday, September 09, 2016

Marine character consisting of a watery blend of soapy elements, minerals and lily with sparkling oceanic top green notes.

They can be quite pricey if not on offer. Wilkos quite often have them on offer and I usually stock up when I get the chance (Cupboard space depending!). For example, a 275g bottle (smaller one) is usually £5 when not on offer, £2.50 when on offer. The larger bottles which are 375g are usually priced at £6 and have been going on offer at £4.50. My local Wilkos actually had clearance of the large bottles in Bliss for £3 a few weeks ago, sadly I'd already stocked up on softener which was reduced due to a label change so had zero room. 

This fragrance never really appealed to me when I'd given it a 'squeeze n sniff' in the shop. However, when away spending time with my nan and grandad a few months ago, my nan washed some of Rhuns clothes and as soon as they came out of that washing machine, I absolutely fell in love. Obviously I had to ask her straight away what it was she had used. I sniffed those clothes for the next three days, no joke. As soon as we got home I purchased some, I usually stick to the pink bottle, in the fragrance Bliss but gave this a shot even though it hadn't appealed in the past. I have just washed my sofa throw today with them and it smells absolutely incredible! 

 It gives a nice touch to the washing, the scent lingers for a very very long time. It smells incredibly fresh and it's just my cup of tea. I actually can't decide which fragrance of Unstoppables is my favourite now! They are very easy to use, just fill up the cap once or twice, pop it in the drum, add detergent and softener as normal and off you go! 

Lenor Unstoppables are pretty addictive and have completely changed my washing habits. 

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