A few charity shop finds..

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Just a few bits I picked up in the charity shop sales today whilst out and about.

This gorgeous top from New Look was reduced from £3.69 to £1.79, a very plain but smart top which would look good with jeans for both casual everyday wear or if you were going out for a few drinks :)

Another slouch around the house top.. I love these.. You can never have too many. Paid £1 for this.

And last but not least is this gorgeous dress which I originally picked up because I thought it would suit the current weather we are having at the moment, I mean, yes it has rained here and there but it is soooooo humid summer just isn't quite over yet, but then, autumn isn't quite here either!

This was in the sale too, it was reduced down from £6.99 to £3.49 :)

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