Monday, September 05, 2016

Can you believe that it's been almost 10 weeks (it will be tomorrow..!) since I stopped smoking? It's gone pretty quick to be fair, I've wanted to write more posts on it but the thought seems to trigger me craving another, I guess I just need a bit more time. I'm doing well though, not once have I cracked... 

I purposely left some in the house out of the way JUST IN CASE... just in case what I do no know.. because we all know 1 leads to another and then that leads to another.... I think I'd have found it more difficult if I had binned all smoking supplies though, instead I've left everything where it is.. 

Still craving from time to time, I go most days though, without even thinking about smoking - it's great! Enough of this though, just a short post for now.. I promise I'll write a more detailed blog post in the near future, just not now, my brain isn't liking it!

Peaaaaaaaace x
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