Febreze Sleep Serenity - Warm Milk & Honey Review

Friday, September 02, 2016

I recently purchased the Febreze sleep serenity bedroom mist in the scent warm milk and honey due to the raving reviews I'd seen on social media. Boy they weren't joking. It actually smells like warm milk and honey, it wasn't just a random fancy name they'd picked, it smells absolutely heavenly.

I purchased the bedroom mist as I weren't sure if i'd like it and that's the reason I didn't buy the plug in. After trying this for a few days I will definitely be going back and buying the plug in for a constant warm, homely, relaxing fragrance that can float around the house for longer than the mist can. It's a nice sweet, clean and comforting smell which, sprayed on your bed on an evening just before bedtime leaves you feeling totally relaxed and ready for a good nights sleep.

I've really stayed away from smellies lately as my hayfever and allergies are soooo bad right now I can barely go 5 minutes without sneezing and coughing, however, used in conjunction with the Febreze anti allergy spray (I'll do a review separate) this hasn't upset my sinuses at all, which was pleasantly surprising. Even better knowing that after using the product I can relax and get a good nights sleep, that's a winner. I suffer with insomnia and last night was the best nights sleep I'd had in a very long time. I can't wait to use it again tonight...

Would I recommend this product? 
YES 100%

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They are usually priced at around £3 for this spray bottle, which after using the product, I don't think is bad at all. I could see why people wouldn't want to pay that if they hadn't tested it though, that's why Wilko's and such have it on trial offer for £1.50 for a 300ml can at the moment. After knowing it works now, I can actually justify spending £3 on another bottle in the future if they weren't on offer.

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Another cracking product from P&G ! 
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