Car Boot Haul

Friday, September 30, 2016

Got some pretty cool bargains last week at the car boot sale. It's taken me a while to get my arse into gear and post this though as I've felt absolutely crap lately.

How cute is this little penguin romper, it's sooooo soft, it didn't have any labels inside with size/brand but it looks to be 12/18 months so we managed to pick this up for 50p. Rhun has/is only just starting to fit into 12/18 month clothes so I'm hoping this will still fit by December! If it doesn't, who cares, he can wear it for Halloween instead!

Topshot winter hat brand new for £1.... sorted! 


It's a sleeping pea pod and I got it for £1... Rhun looks sooooooooooo cute in it!

More Peppa puzzles we picked up for 50p each, Rhun has got a nice collection now.

2 giant weeble talking Peppa Pigs... paid 50p each for these and had to get both as we had both boys (Rhun & Billy) in the double buggy!

This cute little knit jumper which suits the current season, got this for 50p too.

Jasper Conran jacket for £1, I love this, it's so cute. Rhun looks so smart in it.

These were brand new from Mothercare but Rhun ate the label... paid £1 for these :)

And we picked up some new shoes! YAY! I love shoes for Rhun... These cute little boots were £1 as were the ones below.

Not a bad week at the car boot. Kids were spoilt!

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