Car Boot Bargains- Yankee Candles, George Pig & More

Sunday, September 04, 2016

You wouldn't even believe how quiet it was at the car boot today, nevertheless, I managed to find some pretty mega bargains but that wasn't until I was more than half way around though!

First pick was some cute little jogging pants for Rhun, I fell in love with them and they are 18-24 months so he will grow into them. I paid £1 for these.

As I was walking away I noticed the same lady had a large Yankee Candle on her table... Oooo I hear you say..

Upon inspection I noticed it wasn't anything mega special, EU label, unburnt although the wax had dipped to one side due to heat damage but luckily the wick was still visible. She wanted £14 for it, but I managed to get it at a bargain price of £8... not a bad deal Johnson....

 These green pumps were brand new with tags (before Rhun wore them earlier today) I paid £1 for these, not bad for playing in. 

  Also managed to get some NEXT boots from the same people for £1 too....

  A Fisher Price light projector which just needed new batteries..... for 50p

 Ok, this is probably my favourite buy from today... I've been after a ReadyBed for Rhun for a few months now as he is no longer in a cot so travelling without a bed for him has been hard work! This had a £2 label on.... I thought I saw Peppa Pig peeping through the material, after inspecting, it was, it was a George Pig ReadyBed in excellent condition... Bargain.. he will be happy with that. Best bit is, it's machine washable too!

 Here's what it looks like unblown.

 Next up we have a childs Quinny pram carrycot. Rhun actually has the double pram which he got for his birthday... here's him playing with it...

So I spotted the matching carrycot which didn't have a mark on it, the lady wanted £1 for it, couldn't even argue at that price. I only spotted it a mile off because of the distinct colours! 

I also managed to pick up this Vtech V-Smile Baby development system for £2 - yet to be plugged in, apparently works and the lady seemed pretty genuine so I'm hoping I don't have any issues. I'll do a video and write a review once tried and tested (providing it works!).

I'm going to firstly apologise to all readers here, Rhun wanted to eat it...

He loves the Yankees! Should see his face when he spots one, he puts his sniffing face on, it's actually so hilarious I don't have words...

Anyway, paid 20p for this Yankee.. on the way back we had the windows down in the car and Chris said ooooh I can smell air freshener, car freshener... I gave him it to smell and he said that was what he could smell.. so on cold sniff, in a bag, you can still smell it.. can't wait to burn that one :) 

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