Can you help save Mabel?

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Mabel is a tiny 6 week old kitten who needs surgery to remove her badly ulcerated eye. A friend of mine rescued her from a very poor situation late last week knowing she was in great need, however the surgery she needs is very pricey and the vets have said its her only option. They have tried to save the eye but drops and antibiotics haven't worked.

She's had a severe case of cat flu and as a result surgery is needed for her right eye.

This is just a short blog post, in hope that there are some kind hearted people out there who would like to donate to save this little kitten so she can carry on with the rest of her kitten life.

If you can donate in any way, then please follow the link below, I know Helen would be very grateful of any help towards the costs of the surgery.


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