Bref Toilet Rim Block (Flowers) Review

Thursday, September 08, 2016

I bloody love a new product... even better when you realise you haven't actually wasted any money either because it does what it claims to do...

These are usually priced at £2.50 but Wilkos have an offer on at the moment for £1.25. I really like this product. It gives a nice obvious foam after you flush too. I love the fact that it's a really cool design compared to some of the normal toilet rim blocks... This stands out to me because it's quirky and bright - that was the only selling point to be fair. It stood out above the rest. It was easy to attach, although even though this fragrance was 'flowers', I'm not sure it produced much of a scent, what I did notice is, it seemed to neutralise the odour I seem to get in my bathroom (stale water smell due to it been a wet room!). So I can't really complain about the fragrance much, I mean, it did get rid of the nasty stale water smell, so maybe if I didn't have a wet room and it didn't smell of stale water constantly then I may have been able to smell the floral fragrance it claims to offer.

Provide your toilet with long-lasting hygiene protection with Bref toilet rim block flowers. This fast acting product kills up to 99.99% of germs and bacteria in your toilet with the help of anti-limescale formula cleansing foam, long-term dirt repellent, extra freshness, and integrated chlorine bleach hygiene. Easy to use - just attach to the rim of your toilet! 

Winner winner chicken dinner... ok... probably not the best statement, not when toilet talk is the subject... but you get me... Will have to see how long it actually lasts for and report back.
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