Xarelto/Rivaroxaban weight gain

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

So since having the diagnosis of a PE the doctors decided to start me on Clexane injections which were absolutely fine, however long term they decided tablet form anticoagulants would be much better. 

Since starting Rivaroxaban about 4 weeks ago I have gained nearly 2 stone in weight despite eating the healthiest I have ever eaten and exercised more than ever before making me actually now classes as 'overweight' for my size. It's not actually on the leaflet as a side effect, nor does it even mention weight gain. However after spending a little time on Google I've realised it's quite a common problem for this medication. 

I did actually have a little reaction to these meds but it did settle down after a week or so. My hands and feet came out in super sore blisters - that wasn't cool. :( 

So why have I written this blog post...

Just because I'm a little self conscious and a lot peed off.. 

I hope after seeing my consultant tomorrow they'll change my medication.
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