The best charity shop find to date...

Friday, August 26, 2016

When you find a £350+ pram for £30 in a charity shop and it barely looks like it's been used, you know you've stuck gold.

It also came with (not pictured as memory on my phone wouldn't allow!) the car seat which looks to be the only part of the travel system, that has actually been used. It came with a pram liner, car seat foot muff, and cosy toes for the pram too, all in immaculate condition. The frame of the pram has NO marks or scratches, the tyres looks pristine and the only bit I could see use on was the car seat and that was because it looks to have suncream marks on the side im assuming where the childs legs would lay.

I've never seen something so close to being brand new it's unreal. The pram itself is a Mothercare Xpedior pram and pushchair system in limited edition Khaki. I'll write a detailed review on it once I've used it a little bit more.

I'm over the moon, I love it!

And this is why I love charity shopping!

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