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Saturday, August 13, 2016

I want to help a friend with a project he holds close to his heart.

I have known Tim for just over three years.
Firstly Tim is a likeable person. He cares about everyone and everything. He is the person no matter what, will go the extra mile. 

Tim talked to me about a project he wants to undertake.
The project is to film endangered and protected wildlife around the UK, The results will be shown on a designated Facebook page, and YouTube channel for the world to see.
Also films he makes will be shared with some of our UK wildlife charity’s, for them to show too.
What Tim wants to achieve is that through his photography and media skills, He wants to show to as many people as possible, the state of our Natural world here in the UK, In the hope that when people watch the short films made, they will sit up and take note, that if we don’t look after our wildlife, then eventually it will be gone for ever. 
Tim will put all of his spare time and finances into this project which will be ongoing, His dedication and desire to do this is massive. The end result will be that many more people will be aware of our wildlife here in the UK, and will encourage countless more people to help protect it for future generations to enjoy.
I want to help him start this worthy project by helping fund towards equipment and expenses he will face along the way and with your help I want to give his project the very best start possible. If you can spare anything towards this lovely project to help the natural world we all share, then simply click on the donate button.

Click the link below to donate to this great project -
Fundraising Page

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